Blues in the box

Posted by: Rafa T

Blues in the box - 11/12/12 08:42 PM

Hi, this is my new jazz song, Blues in the box. Created and arranged in Band in a box.
I play the guitar, all other instruments are Realtracks.
I export the tracks to Cubase for recording my guitar and mix the song.

Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Song is saved with bar changes for Volume Changes,RealDrums Changes,
Style is _JZBOPTS.STY (BeBopQuart,T.Sax soloist(190 RS))
Style MIDI Instruments are :
RealTracks in style: ~752:Bass, Acoustic, Jazz BeBop Sw 190
RealTracks in style: ~755:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz BeBop Sw 190
RealDrums in Song: JazzTerryClarke^02-a,b:Brushes (For the solo 19: ~Jazz4sTerryClark
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Blues in the box - 11/12/12 10:12 PM

I like this a lot! Your playing is smooth, the tone is perfect for the genre, and you did a super job on the backing track! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Posted by: CeeBee

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 03:43 AM

Very nice Rafa, excellent composition and the playing is perfect. Love the backing, especially the drum solo.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 09:21 AM

Great track! Your playing is spot-on for this style. REminded me of an old-timer, Johnny Smith.
I like how you switched the drum set to a "sticks" version at about 2.30..then introduced a stop..drum solo section also excellent.
BIAB/RT's jazz rhythm section is awesome!
Only thing I would change is to add a gentle cymbal at the end to coincide with your final chord.
Thank you for posting this!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 09:50 AM

Everything is already said. A great song.

Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 06:32 PM

hi rafa great job love the runs sounded very profesional +1 thanks eric
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 06:40 PM

Rafa - very tasty. great job.
Posted by: Rafa T

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 07:37 PM

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your feedback. For me it is a joy to know that my music can be interesting for some of you.
Thanks Tano for your suggestion for the end of the song, is just what I needed!

Giving us the oppurtunity Band in a box to play with such great musicians who have recorded the RealTracks makes us better musicians and facilitates extraordinarily our creative process with his inspirational wisdom.
Posted by: DaveG

Re: Blues in the box - 11/13/12 10:53 PM

Super and inspiring!
Thanks for sharing this.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Blues in the box - 11/17/12 02:27 PM

Loved it! Good use of the drum solo parts and I also liked the chord progression. Agree with the light crash cymbal touch at the end.
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Blues in the box - 11/17/12 03:28 PM

Excellent guitar work! Mix sounds nice and easy, thanks for sharing!

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Posted by: Noel96

Re: Blues in the box - 11/17/12 05:05 PM

Hi Rafa,

Very impressive. To my ears, your song and its arrangement were magnificent, your playing was spectacular and the whole presentation was incredibly engaging from start to end.

Really excellent work,
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Blues in the box - 11/17/12 06:53 PM

It's all been said, excellent work!

Love your guitar playing and tone, super job on that!
Posted by: SpaceDog

Re: Blues in the box - 11/21/12 01:12 PM

Rafa T,
Great guitar licks! Very cool! BIAB backs you up well. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by: Tommyc

Re: Blues in the box - 11/22/12 01:42 PM

Very Cool Rafa indeed, love your use of flatted fifths! Sounds like you got some Blues too!
Posted by: seeker

Re: Blues in the box - 11/22/12 01:51 PM


So cool, kicked back relaxed, with great playing and mix.
Your playing really fits the song.

The mix work about 4:08 adds a lot extra to your work.

Even tho smooth and cool, still exciting music.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Rafa T

Re: Blues in the box - 11/23/12 07:40 PM

Muchas gracias amigos!!! ;-)