Sunshine blues

Posted by: F.M.M.

Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 12:06 PM

hi guys trying some blues on hope you like it thanks eric all real tracks except guitar solo RealTracks in style: 908:Bass, Electric, SmoothBallad Ev16 065
RealTracks in style: 1994:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm SmoothJazzBallad Ev16 065
RealTracks in style: 1072:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SmoothJazzBallad Ev16 065
RealTracks in song: ~688:Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 065
RealTracks in song: ~751:Sax, Tenor, Soloist Jazz Ballad Sw 060 (Bluesy)
RealDrums in style: SmoothJazzBallad^1-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride
Posted by: ROG

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 02:25 PM

Nice track with some lovely guitar work in it. I would have said more jazz than blues, but a very polished sound and great to listen to.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: seeker

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 02:30 PM


The sax really sets the scene for this piece.
Really like this. your guitar work is great.

Picture yourself walking down an dark lonely street
with a little bit of rain falling. This is blues to me.

Just a NON-guitar players question.

When you play with the arrangement are you winging it as you go?

It sounds like that to me, nothing wrong, its great.
But, that is quite an accomplishment to do it.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 03:11 PM

Nice tune and guitar solo, but yes, the chord progression lent better to a slow jazz or pop ballad than to blues (IMHO). Enjoy it very much anyway.

Mike B.
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 04:16 PM

Very nice. The ending left me hanging, but I'll overlook that.

I see there's a link to SONAR X1 Producer Expanded on the song's page.

How about a link to BIAB? (It looks like something PG Music would have to do).
Posted by: boehm

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/09/12 06:08 PM

Good guitar work and nice mix.
Got more the mood of some rainy day.
I enjoyed listening.

Posted by: Tommyc

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/10/12 09:01 AM

Always Love your Songs Eric, perfect Guitar Tone!
Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/15/12 12:01 PM

hi guye thanks for the kind words and comments seeker your right it was in the moment kind of thing don,t seemed to have the time to super clean things up at times however i try to play from the heart thanks eric
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/15/12 04:25 PM

Eric, real nice...I agree..more jazz than blues, but why is a label important? Very nice groove and heart-felt playing. One area for touch might be the ending..really enjoyed listening!
Posted by: austin51

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/15/12 04:38 PM

Very nice Jazz-Blues tune. I got a warm dimly lit room with a fireplace out of it. It could be sunny outside though.

Really like the Jeff Beck like tone to the Geetar. Very good sound overall.
Posted by: SpaceDog

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/17/12 03:37 PM

Sweet sound. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing
Posted by: jptjptjpt

Re: Sunshine blues - 12/18/12 11:16 PM

Nice tune. Great guitar work. I like it.