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Bo - 12/14/12 09:26 AM

This is the first BIAB song by my one and a half year old
grandson Bo.
"Tütata" is what he calls every vehicle with a siren.
So it also refers to red fire trucks and you can take it
as a Christmas song.

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Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Bo - 12/14/12 11:03 AM


Very cool. Cute and very "Christmas-y" sounding. You are a very clever and innovative man. I am continually amazed. And... great mix, btw.

And tell your grandson, "Nice job on the vocals".

Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Bo - 12/14/12 06:45 PM

That was very well done, and totally charming! Bo has a great career ahead!

it reminded me of a song by Victor Wooten and his baby Kaila...
(due to forum rules about linking to (C) music, I won't post the link... but if you go to youtube and search for
"VICTOR WOOTEN KAILA" you'll get the right video)

I liked the way you used the snippet to create a motif/hook for the song. Very cool indeed.
Gotta love any song that has a baby in it.

I also liked the pitch editing to give the baby's jabbering a definable melody! Nice touch!

Two fat stubby and spitty little thumbs up!

Posted by: ROG

Re: Bo - 12/14/12 06:58 PM

Nice piece of editing, the way it all timed up. You must have put a few hours in on this one? Great result!

Posted by: seeker

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 12:16 AM


I listened earlier twice and loved it.
My wife being almost a great-grandmother also enjoyed it.

You spent a lot of time mixing, editing and putting this togeter.

We both thank you for your efforts and "Bo's" premier.
Posted by: PeterGannon

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 12:20 AM

Well done Boehm
Posted by: gibson

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 05:55 AM

It started like he was singing "Santa Baby" by Marilyn Monroe then Bo got going.
A really original song, well done.

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 09:09 AM

Very very cute. Well done!
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 11:25 AM

if there were audience choice awards given to user showcase submissions, this would be my #1 choice for 2012. It is an outstanding example of the following:

1) excellent concept!
2) effective execution of concept
3) good use of PGMusic products to achieve a specific goal
4) mixing is very well done
5) good use of special effects to make Bo's random baby sounds melodic and otherwise musical
6) it has universal human appeal, and would play well in any culture and any language
7) I'd be willing to bet that most people who hear this will like it enough to play it for somebody else

There are advertising applications galore here... you should submit this to manufacturers of every baby product you can think of. It is not only charming, it is very attention-getting, which is exactly the goal of advertising. I can easily imagine people coming from other rooms to watch a commercial in which this song is employed.
Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: Bo - 12/15/12 11:33 AM

very cute little guy thanks for sharing eric
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Re: Bo - 12/15/12 05:32 PM

Thank you all for your comments. Some of them made me blush.
I gave your regards to Bo.

Posted by: Noel96

Re: Bo - 12/16/12 11:51 PM

Hi Guenter,

I don't know how you manage to come up with your ideas but this was brilliant. One of the most creative uses of BIAB I've ever heard.

I thoroughly enjoyed the listen!

All the best,
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Bo - 12/17/12 03:29 PM

Wow. Clever idea, well executed... and is sustained my interest throughout.

Posted by: boehm

Re: Bo - 12/19/12 09:34 AM

Thanks, Noel and David.

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Re: Bo - 12/21/12 10:16 AM

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Re: Bo - 12/21/12 10:41 AM

BRILLIANT bo, you really should send this song to some record companies. The ' cute ' factor alone should make it an instant novelty hit.
Well done
Posted by: CeeBee

Re: Bo - 12/23/12 10:42 AM

Posted by: boehm

Re: Bo - 12/25/12 11:39 AM

Thanks, Skyline, furry and sinbad.

Merry Christmas.

Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Bo - 12/25/12 12:34 PM

Love it! Bo knows vocals! Very nice arrangement! Merry Christmas, thanks for sharing!

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Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Bo - 12/25/12 06:02 PM


Outstanding!!! I almost missed this one. I have been working so many hours the past few months. I'm glad I took the time to listen today! Very cute. As a proud "Pawpaw" of 4 grandchildren, this one just melts my heart!

Very innovative. Thanks for sharing it!

Posted by: boehm

Re: Bo - 12/28/12 09:22 PM

Thanks PGFantastic and Steve.

Happy new year.

Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Bo - 12/29/12 02:46 PM

Ha, very cute and well done indeed!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Bo - 01/04/13 10:59 AM

Thanks, Pete.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Bo - 01/04/13 03:10 PM

I’m a little late to the party but I’m glad I came!

It’s all been said, great song.

But as good as RTs are your grandson Bo stole the show
Posted by: boehm

Re: Bo - 01/06/13 05:56 PM

Thank you, Mario.