"Stomp It"

Posted by: Don R

"Stomp It" - 01/26/13 01:59 AM

SoundCloud/don-roudebush: Stomp It

Here's my attempt to put together a Jazz Stomp ( | I | VI7 | ii | ii | IV-VII | I-VI7 | ii7-V7 | I | )

Turned out to be alot harder than I'd hoped - I think the voices are supposed to be in 4's - Not Here Ha!

Vibes Solo at the break and the train wreck at the end were intentional, but not quite sure it works yet.

ALL RB... Dry. (8) Tracks

1. DRUM - RD JazzBrushesSticks#1
2. BASS - RT400 Acoustic Jazz Ray 160
3. GUIT - RT1098 Acoustic Rhythm Freddie 190
4. CLAR - RT763 Clarinet Soloist Older Swing 140
5. TROM - RT440 Trombone Older Swing 140
6. ASAX - RT438 Alto Sax Older Swing 140
7. TRUM - RT442 Trumpet Older Swing 140
8. VIBE - RT1225 Vibes Soloist Steve 140

Posted by: boehm

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/26/13 09:49 AM

For me it works.
Good use of BIAB.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/26/13 09:59 AM

I liked it, too. I LIKED the train wreck at the end!!
Posted by: dcuny

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/26/13 03:24 PM

I don't know the genre, so I can't speak to the "authenticity" of the piece...

But I liked mix, with the way you placed the instruments in space. Everything is nice and clear, good balance. Sounds live and authentic.

The only spot that got my attention was at 2:42 - the sudden cut in the drums calls attention to the splice.

Other than that, nice all the way through.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/27/13 08:56 AM

Thanks for sharing this...I'm not familiar with the 'stomp' type of progression, but I'm going to study up on it...I think it all works fine.
A couple of things..I think that when you have a dixieland type environment, you want to have your players panned out as if they were on a bandstand, but then, when they solo, you want to "move" them to the center, then back after the solo...I couldn't tell if you did this, but I think it's an effective technique.
And the drums, right at the end..you'll probably need to finnagle a little with the drum track, the built-in endings, etc. to get it just right.
Overall, a fun listen!
Posted by: Don R

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/27/13 04:14 PM

Thx for the feedback all... this one's definately going to be one of those long-term works in progress.

My intent was to see what I could accomplish in RB without relying on BIAB to create the harmonies... as I said, a bit harder than I'd hoped for. In this instance I found that RB "MultiRiff" tended to return the same phrases repeatedly, (not as easy as the Harmony option in BIAB). For now, it is what it is...

Tano, I listened to a handful of famous recorded pieces before I started this project (some Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington and Tommy Dorsey)... alas all but one were MONO... the one stereo mix I did find (Dorsey) left the voices in their respective pan in the mix... as it was recorded live I'll assume that the lead voice just stood up wherever they were in the bandstand.

As to the Dixieland reference, while they derive from the same general era and roots, a Stomp can be differentiated from Ragtime or Dixieland as follows;

A STOMP is "always" a I-VI7-ii-ii-IV-VII-I-VI7-ii7-V7-I progression (which typically walks the circle of fifths in some order) whereas the others are usually variations on I-VI7-II7-V7-I or I-III7-VI7-II7-V7-I.

As I said, I probaby broke all the rules in composing it, just wanted to see what I could do with it - in the end, fun but frustrating... for now I'm back to I-IV-V pop!

Here's a couple of resources if you want to explore the genre's - they were helpful.


Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/27/13 05:25 PM

hi donr nice mix placement of intruments all good well done hey don love the second song and many more awesome work thanks for sharing eric
Posted by: Sundance

Re: "Stomp It" - 01/29/13 08:48 PM

Sounds very Nawlins - Bourbon Street.

Enjoyed it.