in the silence

Posted by: F.M.M.

in the silence - 02/10/13 09:38 PM

hi guys a work in progress i love the midi super tracks thanks for listening eric Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Style is _CLTARPG.STY (CelticAir w. Guitar & Piano [85])
BassCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
DrumsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
PianoCustom Synth is Hi-Q 001 01 Piano, Acoustic, Grand SampleTank.tgs

RealTracks in song: ~700:Bass, Electric, PopHalfNotesPush Ev 085
MIDI SuperTracks in style: 2056:Piano, Rhythm CelticAir Ev 085
RealTracks in song: ~2051:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking CountryBrent Ev 085RealDrums in Song: PopPromiseEv16^1-a: Snare on 4, HiHat , b: Snare, Open HiHat
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Re: in the silence - 02/11/13 03:04 AM

Won't let me in!!
Says I've got to sign in.
And I won't do Farcebook (sic).
Any ideas?

An hour later - tried it on my PC instead of my Nexus and got straight to it. Must be a "tablet" thing!!
Very restful piece - enjoyed it very much. Boy - what a long fade out.
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Re: in the silence - 02/11/13 06:15 PM

Nice guitar vibe. Enjoyed listening.
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Re: in the silence - 02/12/13 11:00 AM


Nice guitar vibe. Enjoyed listening.


Very nice mix also.
Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: in the silence - 02/17/13 09:27 PM

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Re: in the silence - 02/18/13 06:48 PM

nice chord progression and good guitar sound.

Posted by: Noel96

Re: in the silence - 02/19/13 06:06 AM

Hi Eric,

You say that this is a "a work in progress"? It certainly sounded much more than that to my ears. This is beautiful. I really like you sense of melody. Somehow the twists and turns that you play are a perfect fit for the backing. Very nice, very pleasant listening.

All the best,
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: in the silence - 02/19/13 02:19 PM

Very nice playing here, smooth and with equally as good phrasing.