Lil' Dixie

Posted by: Don R

Lil' Dixie - 02/15/13 12:15 AM


I was tempted to abandon this but after hearing Mario's Jammin' piece I figured... hey why not? :-)

This is probably the most ecclectic mix of RB patches I've tried so far.

Drums - RD Blues Rock Slow - 85BPM
Bass - Some RT1732 Texas Funky Bass w/ a lil RT572 BB for the A Part
AGuit - RT365 Fingerpicking
EGuit - RT573 and RT576

Here's where it gets a lil wonky... (I'd have never thought these could work together)

Piano - RT1905 - Acoustic Bolero
Organ - RT1657 - Solo Bossa

Anyway, perhaps a bit rough in parts - Guitar solo is oversaturated in places but hey I liked it anyway.

Hope you enjoy!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/15/13 04:09 PM

It works together well.
But who jammed?

Posted by: Don R

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/15/13 04:46 PM

MarioD posted a piece called "Just Jammin'" with he and a keyboardist earlier this week... I liked it so much I wanted to see if I could accomplish something similar w/ just RB.

Not quite the same as "live players" (well, RB samples do start as live)... we just get to butcher them up... nonetheless it worked for me.

One of these days maybe I'll drag my guitar rig out of the closet and lay down something myself. ;-) or not.

Trust me, it will be nothing compared to the Nashville cats chops we get to mashup and mangle w/ RB.
Posted by: Don R

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/16/13 08:13 PM

Wow... no comments. Didn't think it was that bad.
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/16/13 11:55 PM


One of these days maybe I'll drag my guitar rig out of the closet and lay down something myself. ;-) or not.


1st of all I like the vibe of what you have put together here re: the realtracks. Now to the statement above . . . . MAN DO IT!

I say this because I know that BIAB has made me a better player than I was before BIAB. So please take this "MAN DO IT comment" with all the encouragment I intend it to be.

My bet is that after you drag that old ax out of the closet and work with it on some BIAB jams you will be surprised at how quickly things will start to gel. #2 before you know it you will be posting tracks featuring your own leads.

Keep up the good work.

PS: Now I am not promising you will play like Magic Fingers Mario, but you will do well.

Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/17/13 02:10 AM

Very well put together piece. The lead guitar seems a little hot make take it down a db or so. Still excellent work! Thanks for sharing!

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Posted by: MountainSide

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/17/13 10:40 AM

Hey, I think the mix of RB tracks works well together. You know, more importantly for me, I've learned something from your song. I've listened to it several times and I like how you've laid out the RB tracks...there's something there I need to learn.
Posted by: Don R

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/18/13 11:22 PM

Thx all - appreciated.

Mountain - not sure what you might have learned from me, I'd love to hear what that was - probably purely accidental on my part ;-)

Not much more for me on this one - time to abandon for something else... maybe a Dire Straits knock-off - I heard someone here this week (name escapes me) that used the Knoppler Solo's and I liked what I heard.

As to my own playing - I'll get there. Essentialy we recently bought a new house - one of the casualties was a space for me to rehearse and record.

I'm working on making the garage a man cave, acoustically horrid but I'll make it work - hopefully ready by spring's end. In the interim, please bare with my blatant knock-offs - I'm finding that it's a great way to learn to find my way around RB.

Anyway, again, thanks.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/19/13 06:07 AM


I just tried to have a listen to your song and it's not there! Sorry I missed the boat. I promise to catch the next one you post

Posted by: Don R

Re: Lil' Dixie - 02/19/13 12:01 PM

Hey Noel,

Hmmm... link worked fine for me. Here's the long way 'round