More Artificial Voices

Posted by: boehm

More Artificial Voices - 03/24/13 12:45 PM

This song was my third one I did with BiaB last year.
Now I have made a remix.
The lyrics only consist of the word "Du" which means "you" in English.
Sometimes you don't need more than one word to say what you think.
I wanted to use Vocaloid Gumi as harmonies. But it (she?) couldn't say "doo" and
always said "dee". So I tried Vocaloid Avanna and the pronunciation is perfect.
The male voice is made of twelve samples of my own voice.
Here are the RealTracks I used:
366:Bass,El,Rhy,Country Ev65
688:Orgel,B3,Bg Pop Ev65
841:Git,El,Ry,PopBldSlGrt Ev65
Real Drums: NashvilleEven 16'
1542:Pno.Ak.Rh.PWSlo 16th Ev 1665
1643:Sax T.Solo.JzFunkBrzyEv 75Blz

Posted by: Steve Young

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/24/13 04:55 PM

Cool and interesting sounds, Guenter! I enjoyed listening to this.

Posted by: dcuny

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/25/13 02:17 AM

I liked the beginning of the song, but it by the end there was just a bit too busy for me. I wanted to voices a bit more in front... I know they're just instruments, but it's hard to hear them that way when you're got an expectation that the lyric goes front and center!

GUMI can sing the [u:] sound properly - it's just the single [d u:] blend appears to be mapped incorrectly to [d i:]

You can get GUMI to sing a "du" if you have a short [d u:] (say, a 32nd note) followed by a [u:] sound. The vowels will be smoothly blended together via spectral envelope morphing.

Vocaloid has some very smooth vowel morphing. I'm trying to code something similar right now for my own project.
Posted by: Achordocaster

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/25/13 04:16 AM

That was pretty darn cool, I liked it!

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/25/13 11:34 AM


Du did a great job on this, as always!

I enjoy everything Du create.

Posted by: boehm

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/26/13 12:14 PM

Thanks Steve, David, Greg and Floyd for your nice comments.
@David: Editing 158 notes is too much of a strain.

Posted by: MountainSide

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/26/13 02:11 PM

You and Dave Cuny are definitely pushing the envelope.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/27/13 07:42 AM

Fascinating. So Approximately how many hours goes into an endeavor like this?
Posted by: boehm

Re: More Artificial Voices - 03/28/13 11:01 AM

Thanks MountainSide and Bud.

@Bud: Many. But 10 years before my retirement a had no time
to play a single note. So I have backlog demand. And since
last August I savor the time I have.