New Song: Just Love

Posted by: FLCntryGuy

New Song: Just Love - 04/01/13 06:41 PM

Putting together an album of my songs to date.

Here is the first cut.. Please let me know what you think.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: New Song: Just Love - 04/01/13 07:02 PM


I love the vibe to this - bright, cheerful and happy. To my way of thinking, the groove and melody are a perfect match for the lyrics. It sounded great on my computer. The mix was excellent. Also, I really liked the images that your lyrics created in my head. All in all it's thumbs up from me.

My only comment would be to remove the drum count at the beginning because it didn't seem to do anything to enhance the material in any way.

All the best,
Posted by: Achordocaster

Re: New Song: Just Love - 04/02/13 02:25 AM

Hey It's workin for me.

If I had one suggestion it would be to split up the background fills among some other instruments. The mandolin takes a solo, so I would expect to hear some fills from it (heck, we got lots to choose from) and I wouldn't even have any fills in the first verse, just rhythm.

Just my .02

Posted by: FLCntryGuy

Re: New Song: Just Love - 04/02/13 09:00 AM

Good feedback guys.

The drum count in was a BnB leftover I forgot to cut out. :-/

The solo suggestions, good too. I listened again and can get the idea. This was the first time I've played with solos in BnB. Learning more with each song I'm recording and mixing.