All These Things

Posted by: Guitarhacker

All These Things - 05/19/13 09:48 PM

This is a song that is about 12 years old... I wrote it and recorded it many years back and performed it several times live. I was needing something to do so I decided to update it and record it again and this is the result.

5 vocal tracks
4 guitar tracks
1 bass track

all me playing

the rest is real band tracks.
steel background and solo
Piano back ground and solo
B-3 organ

It is a Christian Country song called All These Things....

hope you enjoy it.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 07:17 AM

Hi Herb,

As I listened, the one thing that really stood out to me was your expertise as a songwriter. "All These Things" is incredibly well crafted - music, lyrics, thoughtful arrangement, performance and production.

From top to bottom, I found the song incredibly engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All the best,
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 07:39 AM

Thank you.... to me that is one of the highest compliments someone could give.
Again, thank you.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 08:41 AM


This is incredibly good! I've never listened to Christian Country radio, but this sounds very "cuttable".

Your vocal is terrific. And the production and mix are top-notch. It sounded like some classic Willie Nelson song. Great use of the RTs. Did you do anything "special" for the pedal steel lead? - it sounded like you had the steel player right there with you playing exactly what you asked for...

Great job.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 08:58 AM

I use a combination of tracks.... back ground steel and solo steel and by using envelopes in my DAW I can get pretty much what I need.

The same thing is happening on the piano. Backing piano plays throughout, but the solo piano pops in to throw the licks in the beginning and the solo piano is playing the second verse.... backing is totally out in the second verse.

I sometimes need to render a RT several times to get exactly what I'm looking for... if there are any secrets to mixing... one of them is the use of "hard" enveloping. Pull the instrument out except where it is needed.

In the case of this song... the hardest part of the mix engineering was to decide which instrument to allow to play and when,,,, the enveloping at the beginning and end is surgical.

The picture below is not this song but is typical of my mixes. notice the surgical edits and the hard enveloping used.

If any one has questions please ask. The song represented in this picture is on my sound click website ( the Best Christmas ) listen to the piano to hear what the result of this editing is... the piano fill envelopes in verse one is what you see in this photo. I don't mean to jump to a different song... only as an example.... but the guitar solo in TBC is built in this same manner from 5 (IIRC) renderings of the same RT in order to get a complete smoking solo. It all depends on how much work you want to put into a song.

Posted by: boehm

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 10:49 AM

Hi Herb,

an excellent mix.
Very enjoyable.

Posted by: Sundance

Re: All These Things - 05/20/13 10:27 PM

Great song and sound Herb. Like that Willie vibe in the vocal too.

Enjoyed it very much.
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 03:13 AM

Fist of all I want to thank you for expressing your faith musically. Seems like the natural thing to do.

I agree with the Willie Nelson comparison.

And if "surgical" is the way you describe your editing style, then, you're a mighty fine surgeon in my book. You've clearly invested some time in learning the craft of recording, and you also seem to have the musical talent to make it all worthwhile.

Good job at every level! I thoroughly enjoyed that one!
Posted by: 90 dB

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 07:25 AM

Very nice Herb. Song, production, sentiment, all good.


Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 07:49 AM

Hey, I just want to say THANKS! to all who took the time to listen and comment.

I do certainly appreciate you all.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 09:55 AM

Thanks for posting. That is a nice tune all the way around and from my perspective sitting in front of my KRK's the production is flawless. Your screen shot looks like some of mine. I often cut/splice real tracks by the measure (or less) to get the "right" track -- not to mention all of the gain changes. Again, a GREAT mix and the vocals/lyrics are deserving of it.
Posted by: dani48

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 10:50 AM

Hi, Herb !

First of all I want to thank
you for taking the time to give
me some really good advice on
recording !:) When it comes to
your tune I can only say that it
sounded just terrific and I too
sensed a slight resemblance to
Willie Nelson in your voice
(intentional or not) !:) In any case
very pro and very enjoyable !:)

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 11:06 AM

Thanks... Janice & Bud as well as Dani.

Glad you learned something... that's what this is all about....

Yes, I have had people compare my voice to Willie and also Neil Young on occasion. we all kinda sing through our noses a bit..... I like the way Willie phrases his vocals and that may be a bit of an influence on it sounding a bit like him.
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 02:06 PM

Late to the party here (and maybe many more as I try to catch up from a fishing weekend)but another wonderful song and with an equally wonderful production and performance.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: All These Things - 05/21/13 07:01 PM

Thanks Danny C... better late than never.... right?
Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: All These Things - 05/26/13 02:48 PM

hi herb this one almost got by me I glad I listen its all been said well done everything fits so well thanks for sharing eric