Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/14/13 03:30 PM

This was another really interesting song-writing co-write experience for me. I composed this song called Singin’ Along using BIAB. It was composed in response to a request for a song for an advert. They wanted a happy-go-lucky acoustic song about friends hanging out on a summer’s day.

Singin' Along

The lyrics are on soundcloud, real tracks are

RealTracks in song: ~1205:Bass, Acoustic, GypsyJazzBallad Sw 110 ('A' Only)
RealTracks in song: 606:Guitar, Nylon, Chet Fishin' Sw 120
RealTracks in song: ~1142:Ukulele, Strumming FolkSwing Sw 110
MIDI Drums :1 Standard Drum Kit (1)

I took the song to a friend of mine who is a professional singer-songwriter and asked her if she wanted to collaborate on it. She has a lovely voice that I thought would be perfect for the concept. She agreed and here’s what she came up with. The name changed to Blue Skies because she recommended something with a image in the title. Absolutely wonderful what she managed to do with the song and an excellent lesson for me! Now If I could only sing like that!!!

Blue Skies
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/14/13 05:41 PM

Hi Joanne,

I thoroughly enjoyed both versions. I listened to "Singing Along" first. You certainly managed to capture the sound of "happy-go-lucky on a summer's day". Kudos for that.

It was good to hear that your vibe set the tone for the co-write. Your colleague took the song to a whole new place and it sounded terrific on every level - performance, production, arrangement.

It didn't matter which version I played, I found that I couldn't stop smiling while I listened!

Posted by: boehm

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/14/13 07:02 PM

Hi Joanne,

you totally reached the aim of a happy-go-lucky acoustic song. Enjoyable listen. Beautiful voice and nice harmonies.
But I'm sorry to admit that the second version has blown me away. No wonder she's a professional.

Posted by: Sundance

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/14/13 09:03 PM

Hi Joanne,

I enjoyed both versions. The chorus is universal and so infectuous. Feels good, easy to sing along. Your co-writer's lyric changes and production are a fab fit for an ad - sounds totally young hip and today. Absolutely love it. I think ya'll should do very well with that and would be surprised if you don't get a placement. It stayed with me and I sincerely give you both the highest compliment I can give you on this collab - which is - dang, I wish I'd written that one! grin
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/15/13 12:21 AM

Another fine piece of music, well performed and produced. Love the harmony in the chorus. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/15/13 10:45 AM

Noel- Thanks for the comments. I must say it was very satisfying to see how she used my song as a base and improved on it. I think the addition of the simple but catchy pre-chorus was a major one.

Guenter - no need to apologise that you preferred her version. So did I! It really was a great experience and something to aspire to.

Josie - Thanks for the highest compliment. We are holding thumbs!

Robert - Thanks for the kind words
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/15/13 12:50 PM

I liked both versions but IMHO the later version vocal seems to be the style I am hearing on the radio more and more from young female singers these days. I guess it is because that is what is hot at this point in time.

Good Song!

Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/15/13 03:58 PM

Big quotation marks around everything that has been said already, followed by an equally big exclamation point!

Both versions of the song really hit the mark for giving the listener a "shoes kicked off and nothin' much to do while a cool breeze accents an otherwise sunny day" feel.

The main difference to my ear is stylistic. Like it or not, we all tend to model our performances on some static point in music history. Whereas most of your songs sound remarkably like the female singers you probably listened to for most of your life, your collaborator does too... except she has been listening to different singers.

Its worth noting that by the time a "style" becomes recognizeable, it is already cliche-ridden. In that sense, your collaborator's approach is not more innovative than yours, it just appeals to a cliche that is still being imitated.

Having said all that, I want to ask why your signature still says "ASPIRING singer-songwriter" ??? Such wording implies that you HOPE to sing and write songs some day... but you are already doing both. (I think it should just list your name, and let your work speak for itself)
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/15/13 05:19 PM

A Big +1 to everything that has been said!

I real feel good toe tapper.

Both version are good but I favor the second version. With your song writing skills and her vocals and arranging you two could go far IMHO.

PS - why not sing harmony with her?
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/16/13 01:18 PM

Joanne -

Both versions are nice. You did a great job of "setting this up" and your reading of it has that wonderfully unique "Joanne sound" to it. Your partner did a great job of adding touches that took it to a new place (that pre-chorus is an excellent add).

Keep it up. You are on a roll!

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/18/13 01:43 PM

Great collab -- enjoyed it. I agree with Floyd re the pre-chorus being a nice touch. The evolution of the tune is only tiny nit? For ole pharts like me who've listened to the ABB's "Blue Skies" for decades it's hard to get their melody and intro out of my head.
Posted by: FLCntryGuy

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/18/13 09:22 PM

Nice sounding versions. Almost sounds the latter version from the Apple Commercial singer. :-)

Nice base for the second to build on. Great job!
Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/21/13 09:27 AM

Hi Guys
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. My internet connection has been (and still is) painfully slow and I wanted to listen all the new submissions before replying….but my patience with my internet connection has run out..

Danny. I am glad you were finally able to listen. And thanks for commenting.

Pat. Thanks for such thoughtful comments. I appreciate it. It made me think about the style of female artists I have been listening to all my life and I am definitely going to go through my CD collection and pull out those artists and really analyze WHY I like them so much. BTW. I have removed the “Aspiring” from my signature.

Mario –thanks for listening. I did offer to do the harmonies but time was not on our side so it was easier for her just to do them

Floyd – glad you liked it. You have inspired me to compose “happy” songs

Bud – Thanks and I tried to listen to AAB Blue skies but my internet connection is not allowing me to do much…will let you know what I think when I can finally watch some youtube again!

Jim – Thanks for listening and commenting
Posted by: dani48

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/21/13 11:54 AM

Hi, Joanne !

I just loved this performance !
I think this is what they call
a " cracker" ? Superb in every way !:)

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Interesting co-write! Singin' Along/Blue Skies - 06/27/13 03:45 AM

Hi Dani
Thanks for listening and for commenting.