Wagner? Why not?

Posted by: boehm

Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 10:02 AM

On 6/17/2013 ROG replied to my post of a Bach Cantata: "Today Bach, tomorrow Wagner?" That gave me the idea and so on 7/3/2013 I purchased the lead sheet for Lohengrin by Richard Wagner.
I chose Act 1 Scene 3. Then I had a wonderful time to get the vocals to Vocaloid, one voice a day. I had some difficulties in getting the ü and ö sounds (try to reproduce the letters on your keyboard and you know what I mean). But it has come out quite nice. Wagner will forgive me that I had to change the chords for the first 16 bars to give them a more interesting feel. (You can listen to the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM7ST1KNHA8 )
I'm sorry the work is finished now (I ended up with 27 tracks), because it was a lot of fun.
I hope you enjoy listening.


Here are the RTs:
742_Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw
727_Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Ballad Sw 060 (A_walk B_DbIn2)
1227_Vibes, Soloist JazzBalladSteve Sw 060 (Bluesy)
1364_Fiddle, Soloist GypsyJazzBallad Sw

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Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 10:52 AM

Hi Guenter

Another fantastic arrangement, excellent.

I love the variation at 1:55

And fantastic balance of the parts


Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 11:29 AM

awesome, Guenter!

I'd say more, but you've already exhausted my supply of superlatives. There's little left to say that I haven't already said!
Posted by: SpaceDog

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 02:07 PM

Very impressive work. I can always count on your singular creativity.
BTW, I used to live in Heidelberg.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 02:16 PM

Interesting indeed!

Mike B.
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 05:19 PM

You just keep improving those voices. thanks for sharing!
Posted by: ROG

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/25/13 06:13 PM

Hi Guenter.

Your incredible skill is matched only by your dedication and patience.

I'm humbled to have had even a small part in giving you the idea.

Just amazing.

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/26/13 03:56 AM

Fantastic work Guenter. Loved it
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/26/13 09:46 AM

Hi Guenter.

Well, it's yet another "WOW" from me. Every time I hear one of your works, I sit back and marvel at your creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen.

All the best,
Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/26/13 11:20 AM

Hi Trevor, Pat, SD, Mike, Robert, Rog, Joanne and Noel,

thank you all very much for listening and your
kind words.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/26/13 03:35 PM


Talk about "not my cup of tea"! Classical opera! Or classical chorale...
I played the video first to have the original in mind while listening to your "creation". Impressive that you could recreate it using your ensemble of jazz instruments and the Anna-ettes and keep it identifiable. And I mean IMPRESSIVE!!! And I thought "Umm... not my cup of tea".

That was right when you put it up. I did the same thing again later. Listening to the video followed by your "version". (I thought there should be a measure or two of the Bridal Chorus at the end smile )

I came back today and listened to just your creation. A Totally Different Experience!!! I felt as though I was listening to a "cool jazz ballad".

Enjoyable. I liked it. Perceptions have a mind of their own.

And, so, I was even MORE impressed than I was to begin with.

Posted by: Sundance

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/26/13 11:57 PM


It's amazing what you are able to do with that vocaloid.

Okay, ducking here to admit that I couldn't get into the trilling arpeggio parts. That high pitched vocaloid sound was too out there for my taste - but that's just me.

Even though not my personal taste, I am impressed by your skillful creativity.
Posted by: gruverider

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/27/13 02:28 PM

Had never heard the Wagner piece before. The harmonies in the middle are beautiful. I had a lot of fun going back and forth between the two versions!

excellent work!
Posted by: gibson

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/28/13 01:00 AM


You amaze me with your skills!
Well done

Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/28/13 11:43 AM

Hi Floyd, Josie, gruverider and Alyn,

thank you for your nice comments.

@Floyd: I hate classical opera, but I like my version!
Maybe it was wrong to post the original link.

@Josie: That "high pitched vocaloid sound" together with the fiddle is my favourite. Matter of taste.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/29/13 09:04 AM

"Maybe it was wrong to post the original link."

Oh, no! Having the original was quite necessary.
Otherwise, how would we know that Guenter was improving on Wagner?!
Posted by: seeker

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/29/13 12:29 PM


Cannot even imagine the number of hours you've put into this
creation. The vocaloid Avanna is incredible with your mix.

Thanks for sharing you hard work with us!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/29/13 06:18 PM

Hi Frank,

thanks for your nice comments.
Yes, it was a number of hours. But it was no work,
it was fun.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/30/13 12:58 PM

A lot of you folks have probably forgotten more about classical tunes than I'll ever know...and I could say the same for the technology and knowledge required to produce this endeavor. But being ignorant of the above doesn't inhibit me from really enjoying these productions. I'm always initially struck by how the X%$@# did he do this...and then the sheer musicality of it sets in and I just relax and enjoy.

Thanks -- can't wait to play this one for Janice.

Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 07/31/13 01:06 PM

Hi Bud,

thanks a lot for your kind words.

Posted by: RobbMiller

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/08/13 01:58 PM

Very interesting arrangement. Thanks for introducing me to Vocaloid.
Posted by: dani48

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/08/13 06:14 PM

Hallo Guenter

Darf Ich mein silber gefärbtes haupt
fur dich neigen ?

Mein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut
aber Ich glaube das du mir verstanden
hat ???

I must say that I bow my head for
the master and his beautifully singing Anna-ettes!

Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/09/13 09:31 PM

Hi Rob,

thanks for listening and your nice comments.

Hi Dani,

dein Deutsch ist gut genug, dass ich es verstehe.
Aber ein Silberrücken wie du muss sich nicht vor mir
I love the expression Anna-ettes.

Posted by: RickeG

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/15/13 11:26 PM

Hi Guenter,
I love the poly styles you create. You really do a great job is hybridding musical genres. And your talent of keeping the music interesting is a blessing to the listener.

Keep on writing and recording!
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/16/13 07:40 PM


I almost missed this one. Very interesting. You really know how to stretch the envelope! Great use of technology here. Fascinating work.

Posted by: boehm

Re: Wagner? Why not? - 08/17/13 01:15 PM

Hi Ricke and Steve,

thanks a lot for your kind words.