Digital Dream

Posted by: boehm

Digital Dream - 09/26/13 10:15 AM

Hi all,

my latest oeuvre featuring Vocaloid Avanna.
There are only two RealTracks:
RT1776_Sax, Tenor, Soloist JazzFunkMovin Ev16 130
RT874_Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernRnBRockFunky16ths Ev 06 & Amplitube Wah
Good speakers or headphones recommended.
I hope you enjoy.

Posted by: aleck rand

Re: Digital Dream - 09/26/13 10:33 AM

Hi Guenter,

Your tune really cranks along, but I think the kick drum and bass are overpowering, at least on my system. The vocaloid harmonies are interesting. Who does the singing on which the harmonies are based? You'll probably think I'm slow witted - which I freely admit - because I think I asked this question before.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Digital Dream - 09/26/13 11:10 AM

Nice dance style on the song.

Not a big fan of the vocaloids... but they do the do do do do stuff pretty nicely.

While the bass and kick are predominate, that is par for the course in dance.

I'd say... Well done!
Posted by: dani48

Re: Digital Dream - 09/26/13 05:22 PM

Well, Guenter !

You know I am a big fan of Boehm music
in general and your star Avanna in particular ! (chuckle)
She is just superb in this stunning tune of yours !:))


Posted by: boehm

Re: Digital Dream - 09/27/13 11:53 AM

Hi Dean,

thanks for your comments. The bass and kick are the way as usual in that genre.
Yes, you have already asked: all the 8 voices are "sung" by the Vocaloid.

Hi Herb and Dani,

thanks for your nice comments.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Digital Dream - 09/27/13 03:55 PM

The mix sounds spot on to my ears via my KRK's. From my perspective this has "sound track" written all over it. I was initially and remain amazed at your tunes. Just out of curiosity do you have an average time it takes to complete one of these productions?
Posted by: Mac

Re: Digital Dream - 09/27/13 06:27 PM

I don't detect any real mix problems here, even switching between several speaker and amp systems, including a little bitty pair of JBL laptop powered speakers.

Trance/Dance is not my kinda genre, but this one sounds much like others I've heard, as good or actually better to my ears, as it is not trying to hit me between the eyes with too much punch.

I'm certain that the use and knowledge of SWING feel, plus knowledge of jazz modes, even detecting a knowledge of bebop on the part of the performer, has a lot to do with it. Keep that up, Trance/Dance could stand to get off of the ONE and onto TWO and FOUR IMHO. Yeah.

And, it is rather more melodic to my ears than a lot of the stuff in this genre, as well.

If it sounds good, it IS good and I think this sounds good.

Posted by: Sundance

Re: Digital Dream - 09/27/13 08:56 PM


Nice arrangement. I'm always amazed at what you are able to do with Avanna.
Posted by: gibson

Re: Digital Dream - 09/27/13 10:59 PM

Another song up to Avanna's and, your, high standard.
An enjoyable listen, definitely a work of art, as well as music.

Posted by: gruverider

Re: Digital Dream - 09/28/13 10:52 AM

love the intro, funky-trance.

I like the pairing of the sax and Avanna, it makes her sound like she is scat singing

I enjoyed listening
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Digital Dream - 09/28/13 11:42 AM


Excellent. Period. Perfect dance/trance (not a genre I'd listen to unless I was at a dance club - which means.... not a genre I'd listen to smile ).

Avanna is too mellow/smooth. She sounds like one more instrument in the mix instead of the "singer of the song" (not to take away from how impressive it is that you can do that in the first place!).

This is so well done that you should find a couple of girls singers to do "real" vocals. It would be worth the effort. This could "go places" - and I know... you don't care about such things... but...

Posted by: Skyline

Re: Digital Dream - 09/28/13 02:01 PM

Wow, this is different. Limiter up full eh?! And why not. I'm dancing around the studio...oops...
Reminds me in a way of Spiller's 'Groovejet'.
Nice work Guenter.

Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Digital Dream - 09/28/13 09:25 PM


Amazing work! This one is very dangerous for me to listen to. I just had a hip replacement 3 months ago, and almost dislocated it!

As others have said, this is not necessarily my favorite genre, but I sure do appreciate the talent and work that went into this. Keep it up!

Posted by: Scott C

Re: Digital Dream - 09/29/13 09:15 AM

Nice tune. Got me out of the chair. Excellent playing and the drum beat hits you dead center. Definitely party music
Posted by: boehm

Re: Digital Dream - 09/29/13 11:34 AM

Hi Janice & Bud,

thanks for your kind comments. I always post the dates of beginning and end of work for a song on my soundcloud page. Average is 2 weeks. I'm always a bit sad when it's finished, because I love working on a song.

Hi Mac,

thanks for your sophisticated comments. As I'm 66 it's obvious that it must be more melodic than others of that genre. I couldn't stand just using one or two chords either.
But it's a challenge to have a try in this genre. If not now, when then?

Ho Josie, Alyn and Gruverider,

thanks for your nice comments. Much appreciated.

Hi Floyd,

thanks for your nice comments. If I were Rog, I'd know what to do. But still then I wouldn't have anybody to sing those scat parts. Here Avanna is unbeatable.

Hi John,
right. Why not?

Hi Steve,
be careful with your hips. Maybe next song should be a slow one.

Hi Scott,
I hope, you're back in your chair.

I thank you all for your generous comments.