My grandson Piet

Posted by: boehm

My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 12:44 PM

Hi all,

some of you might remember my youngest grandson's song "Bo".
Now I finally managed to do one with my older grandson Piet (nearly 4 years old).
He was spied on by his father while playing with his toy cars.
You can hear the sounds of the toys in the background.
I had to do a lot of copying and pasting.
The chords come from the BiaB Demo of Mambo #2.
(His shouting at his brother "Mann, Bo" gave me the idea).
RealTracks are:
RT915_Bass, Acoustic, Mambo Ev
RT919_Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Mambo Ev
RT467_Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Bossa Ev
RT1645_Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist SambaFusionCarlos Ev

Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 01:50 PM


1st thought: "absolutely charming"

2nd thought: how much of the speech cadence did you need to change in order to make it fit the song? It sounds quite natural

3rd thought: life isn't fair. Why do you get all of these amazingly creative ideas, and I don't get ANY??

4th thought: I'd guess you used melodyne to give melody to the voice, but children's voices are so melodic to begin with, this does not sound contrived to my ears at all! I can almost imagine that you hid a recording device in the room and captured a real performance.

5th thought: like a masterful quilt made from sewing together different pieces of unrelated fabric, your productions seem to share a common theme of bringing unrelated elements together in order to make something completely new from the elements. You are REALLY GOOD at it !

6th thought: You should approach advertising agencies with some of your work... all of it is attention getting in a very good way, and that's what advertising is all about. Your work is too good to settle for posting it on an internet forum

7th thought: my test of creative excellence is to ask "how easy would it be to reproduce this?" I marvel at gymnastics exhibitions, because what they do is so far beyond anything I could ever do myself... I couldn't even muster a feeble imitation. And the same is true for all of your compositions. Even though you use BIAB elements that I have at my disposal, the compositional creativity takes your final productions to a place I've never even imagined, let alone seen.
Posted by: F.M.M.

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 03:02 PM

hi Boehm very creative your mixes always sound great grand kids are great a blessing for sure thanks enjoyed very much eric
Posted by: gruverider

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 03:34 PM

very creative! just a treat to listen to
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 07:03 PM

This was an absolute joy to listen to. As one who has written a few songs for grand-children I can only add that not only was it a joy to listen to but it will be a gift that never quits giving as Piet grows older.


Posted by: dani48

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 07:05 PM

Hi Guenter & Piet !:))

Congratulations to both of you
for a lovely and charming performance !:))
It took me right back to when my own
kids were........well kids !:))

Thanks Guenter & regards to Piet !:))

Posted by: MarioD

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/20/13 07:29 PM

Originally Posted By: gruverider
very creative! just a treat to listen to

A BIG +1
Posted by: Noel96

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 06:32 AM

Hi Guenter,

Whenever I see a new song posted from you, I always wonder what I'll be listening to. Your musical inventiveness seems to have no boundaries at all. It's like creativity is your paintbrush and you are Van Gogh painting masterpiece after masterpiece.

More please! I love listening to what you do.

All the best,

P.S. Piet's vocals are outstanding.
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 07:11 AM

That was cool and as unique as they come.
Posted by: ROG

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 08:40 AM


Great stuff. I can only imagine how much work went into that.

Frighteningly, he stays in tune better than I do.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 10:23 AM


This is simply mind-blowingly good!

Tasty horns! Added to a perfect mambo! Stunning! The production and mix are impeccable.

Piet's vocal is a true work of art.

It is unbelievable that you could out-do yourself - and, yet, you do - every time.

Just WOW!

Now... how about of video? With Piet singing and dancing? PLEASE!!!

Posted by: boehm

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 11:51 AM

Hi Pat,
thanks a lot for all your thoughts.
2nd & 4th: I used Melodyne and tweaked a little. But I didn't want to force anything.
You are right, the recording was hidden (my son's mobile) because Piet doesn't like to be recorded.

Hi Eric, Lawrence, Danny, Dani, Mario, Noel, Herb, and Rog,
thank you very much for your kind words.

Hi Floyd,
thanks for your compliments. I'm thinking of that video thing. But I don't think I'll get Piet to really perform. When he sees my son's mobile he says: "Only listen not talk".

Posted by: aleck rand

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 12:35 PM

"Gesang" von meinem ältesten Enkel Piet. Totally lovable.

Guenter, This is so great!! How on earth did you ... ??

Posted by: Skyline

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 12:48 PM

Very cool indeed. You have a fervent imagination!
Beautifully engineered and put together as well.

Posted by: Scott C

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 06:26 PM

Hi Guenter

What a cool way to create a song. I can imagine that the grandkids will be very proud of their grandpa when they are old enough to appreciate what you have done for them.

Well done

Posted by: gibson

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/21/13 11:53 PM


Your imagination knows no bounds,that song is brilliant. When Piet gets older he will really appreciate Grandpa and his musical imagination and skills.
What will you produce next cool !!
What ever it is I look forward to listening to it.

Posted by: molsenhouse

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/22/13 03:43 AM

Joyful – great idea – good work!!!
Loved Piets scatting :-)

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: boehm

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/22/13 10:14 AM

Hi Aleck,

thank you. I nearly forgot to mention that I like your
new avatar.

Hi John, Scott, Alyn, and Molsenhouse,

thank you for your kind words.

Posted by: Steve Young

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/26/13 05:24 PM


Amazing! And your grandson sounds so precious! I have 4 grandchildren, and they are the light of my life. I know you are so proud of Piet, as you should be.

This is a first class production. Very good arrangement, and very creative!

I almost missed this one. I have been out quite a bit lately. I am so glad I didn't miss this one, though!

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/26/13 05:43 PM

I've had this on my gotta comment on list but am late to the party. What can we add? Many of the above posters' comments are more articulate than I could ever be about your work. I can only say I agree with them. You have an incredibly fertile imagination and it is wonderful to allow other people to have a peek at it. This is just outstanding. At first I was about a video? But after listening again we decided we rather use our own imagery! Thanks for posting.

Bud & Janice
Posted by: boehm

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/28/13 01:46 PM

Hi Steve, Janice and Bud,

thanks a lot for taking the time to listen
and your kind words.

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/28/13 02:30 PM

Nearly missed this one. Glad I didn't. Wonderful work Guenter. He's going to be a singer!
Posted by: boehm

Re: My grandson Piet - 10/30/13 05:12 PM

Hi Joanne,

I'm glad you didn't miss it.
Thanks a lot for your kind remarks.