I Cried Over You

Posted by: DTravz

I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 01:49 AM

I haven't posted a song here before, so I hope everything goes ok. The song I Cried Over You is a two-person collabration that we view as more of a demo than radio ready. We haven't found the voice yet that we would use on the final mix.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/dtravz

It was created entirely using (2011.5) BB RealTracks/RealDrums then rough-mixed on RealBand with vocal tracks added later. No outboard gear other than a ProSonus AudioBox was used. Normally we add our own guitar/bass tracks to the BB tracks when it's called for but we liked these awsome players 'working in our studio'.
Thanks for listening.
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Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 07:15 AM

Really dig this. Great harmony.


Posted by: floyd jane

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 08:27 AM


This is really cool! Great use of RTs. I assume you pieced together the outro to get that lick repeating? Nice. Good mix.

Terrific "sound" you guys have - like the best of the "country rock" groups of the 70's (Poco comes to mind).

You guys sing well - so the "autotune artifact" quality to parts of the vocal seems unnecessary. (or those might be generated harmonies?).
IMO the song is too good to have that "detracting" from it.

I sure hope there is more to come!

Posted by: boehm

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 10:18 AM

Hi Doug and Paul,

good song. I like the harmonies.
Floyd is right with the "autotune artifacts".
Enjoyable listen though.

Posted by: DTravz

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 11:22 AM

Thanks for the up-thumbs guys.
Yeah, I agree on the harmonies, but it's worse than AutoTune. What you are hearing is Paul singing his harmonies thru a DigiTech foot pedal harmonizer that we used to use in live performances, just to get the harmony idea down. While Paul is monitoring his lead vocal in headphones, playing the cords with his guitar to trigger the pedal and singing the harmonies, I am punching in and out the foot pedal buttons for the harmony patch we want. (We're asking a cheap live-performing device to become an expensive studio device...not!)
So, the vocals are the weak spot in the song.
We were hoping to find a singer locally, with the killer voice that can nail the vocals, to do it right in a real studio. We can't get those in my basement studio unless I spend more $$$.
But, thanks again. You have encouraged me to post another soon. (However,it will also have vocal issues <grin>.

Doug Travins
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 11:34 AM

Hey Doug...

That's good info (good to know). You can get "decent" harmonies using BAIB/RB with your original vocal (and SGU loaded in RB). I do it all the time.

Read this post in Tips:


It explains a lot of it...
Posted by: Sundance

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 11:41 AM

Welcome to the Users Showcase Doug and Paul!

Great first post. I agree with everything Floyd said (except for the Poco part - sounds more like some of the country groups to me). It's a good sound and I really like the song.

Posted by: sixchannel

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 01:25 PM

Very enjoyable, guys. The vocal harmony is "unusual" but it didnt spoil enjoying the song. I'll bet there are lots of the Pro's out there that use a harmonizer.
I think you have good singing voices - they work very well. Dont' go out paying for the Killer Singer when you have something good to work with In House. Listen to ROG - he always decries the quality of his singing but he is getting better and better as he grows in the confidence to do it.
I liked the fade out with the repeat riff but some instruments hang around out of whack with the fade. You said it was more of a Demo than Radio Ready. Don't do yourselves down.
Posted by: dani48

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 05:04 PM

Hi, Doug and Paul !:))

What a nice tune you´ve come up with !
I also liked your vocals very much !

Posted by: tommyad

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 06:17 PM

Doug and Paul, Great vocals guys. Well put together. Keep writing and posting. I enjoyed it. Tom
Posted by: ROG

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 06:49 PM

Hi Guys.

A great song with even more potential.

The vocal parts are excellent, but as others have said, it would be better if you could learn to do it without the harmonizer. You might also consider not putting harmony on every line - sometimes the contrast between a single voice and one with harmony can be quite powerful.

For a first post, though, it's terrific. Enjoyed it.

Posted by: DTravz

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/03/14 09:17 PM

Thanks again all, for the support and constructive comments.
@floyd jane: I plan on trying your vocal suggestions when I receive my 2014 BB/RB EverythingPAK on Monday. Can't wait.
@sixchannel & ROG: I agree. This is the only song so far where we did that, and I think I squeaked by with it this time. Pros use them so transparently we don't always recognize when. I probably is cheaper to run harmonies thru an Eventide than have a quirky singer trying to hit that sweet spot on their own.

You folks are awesome.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/13/14 04:58 AM

Hi Doug and Paul,

It's all be said. This is fantastic. You both sound excellent and the mix is a real toe-tapper. You've certainly made BIAB sound great.

Posted by: Scott C

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/14/14 08:42 PM

Love your music.Excellent harmonies and playing.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/14/14 08:55 PM

Hi Guys...

This is our first time to listen to you. We thoroughly enjoyed this! Nice arrangement and the vocal harmony is splendid. Thanks for a real treat! Best to you...

Di and Al
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/14/14 10:06 PM

Really cool and interesting. The change from minor key to the major key really works great!! Great vocals too!! Keep it up. Greg
Posted by: olemon

Re: I Cried Over You - 01/15/14 08:40 AM

It was a nice surprise when the song moved from a minor to a major sound that first time and then back and forth. You did that quite well. A good song. Welcome to the site.