Old Disco track

Posted by: Riccled

Old Disco track - 01/15/14 07:28 PM

Hi all.
Here is a basic disco/dance track from 2013 which i wrote on BB with Sonic Synth and Sampletank.
Hope you like it.


Posted by: Al-David

Re: Old Disco track - 01/15/14 08:21 PM


The only thing missing is Donna Summer! I'm boogying in my chair and it ain't a pretty sight! Enjoyed the listen...nice!

Al & Di
Posted by: Riccled

Re: Old Disco track - 01/16/14 05:28 AM

Hi Al and Di.
Thanks for the comment, yes it is a decent tune if rather "Camembert" lol.
The Casio bit comes from my very first keyboard a Casio MT 240 which was decent but not brilliant, the power of virtual music making is absolutely extraordinary, the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Old Disco track - 01/16/14 04:42 PM

We have two keyboards and both are middle of the road Casios. Neither of us is exceptionally talented on the keys but we play around with them and use some of the background and percussion tracks. Still enjoying this one!