Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact

Posted by: Don R

Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/04/14 04:10 AM

Hey all. Been quite awhile since I've posted - been going through a bit of a dry spell I guess. Nonetheless, I caught some inspiration recently via a Hugh Laurie (yeah, that guy) rendition of an old Jazz standard - St. James Infirmary. The particular performance was captured in New Orleans and had a beautiful slack feel to it.

So, here's my RB take on the same general progression:

Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact

8 Tracks 77BPM - 4:37
RB Style: _J085GTB - Hoagy Jazz Ballad Quartet(85 RS)
RD: JazzModernTerryClarke^6-Cycling
RT481: Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT749: Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accomp Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT487: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT490: Sax, Alto, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT492: Trombone, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT494: Trumpet, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
RT2290: Horn Section, Rhythm SlowPop Ev16 065
Posted by: Don R

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/07/14 12:28 AM

Hmmm... No love. Back to the drawing board.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/07/14 08:54 AM


That is very nicely done. And an enjoyable listen. A good mix and a nice variety on the instrumentation.

Being that I don't listen to a lot of jazz, it is a bit long (for me) - so it may be the same for others (just guessing).

Also, keep in mind... this is a fairly small community. When you get several posters who just post their song and do not otherwise participate (as has happened recently), you are left with just a couple of "regulars" commenting on submissions. Some things get overlooked...

I liked it.

Posted by: Don R

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/08/14 01:02 AM

Thanks Floyd. I, too, am often a guilty one... Lurking but only comment when something particularly exceptional is posted.

My comment was mostly self assessment. The pieces that I have previously posted have usually garnered at least a comment or two... They usually been dead on if I've been willing to be accept the input... Ya those few of us that still even can spell jazz are often second sisters here and elsewhere.

Regardless, i'm continually blown away by the biab/rb styles... It said hoagy and by golly that is what my ears heard so just had to see what I could make of it.

Again, thx for the feedback.
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/08/14 07:33 AM

Good job.

Yeah, on the back story, I don't think too many folk know that Hugh is an outstanding piano player and guitarist who loves the Blues and Jazz. Everyone knows him as the actor playing Dr House or the bungling puppy thief in 101 Dalmatians. . I happened to catch the show you were speaking of..... a road trip around the county ending up on N.O. and playing music all along the way..... loved it.

I too tend to comment mostly on the exceptional tunes I hear in this place as well as the others I hang out in. And yes, this is a fairly slow forum site. It takes a while most times for a handful of listens who will comment.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/08/14 09:00 AM

Cool piece. We came close to working that up last year when on a quest for PD blues numbers. Nice mix and use of RT's.
Posted by: tommyad

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/08/14 10:12 AM

Don, This has a really nice loose feel to it. I enjoyed it. The only reason to go back to the drawing board is to come up with another. Very well put together. Thanks for posting. Tom
Posted by: dani48

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/09/14 08:30 PM

Hi Don !:))

As Floyd points out, we are
a bit slow to react and even slower
to respond, but all good comes over time (chuckle) !:))
I like jazz, especially jazz with enjoyable melodies
as is your tune also ! :)) I used to listen
a lot to my elder brotherĀ“s Glenn Miller records.
I believe he had one of the biggest collections
in Finland at the time !:))

Posted by: Don R

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/10/14 01:10 AM

Thx all. Overall It could probably stand to have the tempo increased a few ticks... Still drags a bit.

Sidebar: has anyone noticed any performance limitations when using the new node tool for volume adjustment? There are a few spots that could use some more amplitude but the track samples are getting a bit large in this piece I'm fearful that messing with transient nodes could lintroduce playback lag. Thoughts? I suppose I should just experiment a bit.
Posted by: Blues1952

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/10/14 11:47 AM

I think this is a really well done piece. A great showcase for Real Tracks.

BTW, I was a lurker here for a long time, but I've decided to come out.
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Ain't Jane's Conservatory: a Contrafact - 04/13/14 06:24 PM


As has been stated before, a fine use of Realtracks, and a good mix. Enjoyed it!