Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Linda - 04/04/14 11:15 PM

This is my first attempt with an original song produced with BIAB. I wrote the song in 1970 and recorded it in 1975. I attempted to duplicate the song using all real tracks as closely to the original as possible.
Here is the song memo:

Title: Linda
Key=E , Tempo 108, Length (m:s)=3:06
4 bar intro, 76 bar chorus, from bar 5 to bar 80. Repeat x1 chorus
Style is RB_WILSN.STY (R&B Wilsn - Bluesy R&B Groove)
Style MIDI Instruments are : Finger Electric Bass (34), Acoustic Piano (1),
RealTracks in song: 381:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Syncopated Sugar Ev 102
RealTracks in song: 1756:Pedal Steel, Rhythm Pop8ths Ev 110
RealTracks in song: 797:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SouthernSnappyClean Ev 090
RealTracks in song: 2001:Pedal Steel, Soloist CountryPaul Ev 085
MIDI Drums :1 Standard Drum Kit (1)

RealDrums will be substituted :NashvilleShuffle^13-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride
Posted by: dani48

Re: Linda - 04/05/14 08:27 AM

Hi, Charlie !

I liked your tune very much
and especially your maj 9 th or was it
a 7 th at "Lindaaa" .....I just
love those chords !:))

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Linda - 04/05/14 09:53 AM

Hi Dani, thanks for listening. On the BIAB chart, each bar containing the Linda lyric reads (d d6) followed in the next bar by (d d6 dmaj7). Good ear.

I was attempting to duplicate as closely as possible the guitar riff from the original recording and on occasion in the 2nd bar, to do so, I reversed the 2nd bar d6, dmaj7 to force BIAB to track the riff more accurately.



Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Linda - 04/06/14 10:03 AM

Charlie - nice "first attempt". The instrumentation is well done - good mix. The lead vocal is a bit "up front" - you might want to have that sit back into the mix just a little more. A little more reverb will sometimes accomplish that - or a couple of dB less volume (or both). The vocal is nicely done - and the harmonies are terrific.

Welcome aboard!

Posted by: boehm

Re: Linda - 04/06/14 11:53 AM

Hi Charlie,

nice first post.
I like the harmonies.
I can only support Floyd on the mix.
Enjoyable listen though.

Posted by: Noel96

Re: Linda - 04/09/14 12:36 AM

Hi Charlie,

It's great to see you posting in Users Showcase.

"The groove you have happening in "Linda" is very infectious. It's the style of beat/rhythm that really appeals to me and that I feel very comfortable with.

I found this very easy to listen and it sounded really good to my ears.

It was a pleasure to sit back and to be entertained!
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Linda - 04/09/14 07:32 AM

nice first song. Looks like you'll be "one to watch" for new stuff.

I agree with the comments by Floyd on the vox not setting in the mix properly. Skills get better, the more you work and mix.

Every now and then I like to go back to some of the old stuff I was writing around that same time period..... I start working them up, and then generally change my mind....

I enjoyed that song.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Linda - 04/10/14 02:01 PM

Thanks to all for the reviews and comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I apologize for the poor vocal singing and mix on this one. I rushed through everything and posted without critical review of the song as I allowed my focus to be more on learning the BIAB song structure process & experimenting with styles, and generating tracks, then setting up and learning how to get a song from home computer to Soundcloud to here. I really appreciate all of your kind comments and encouragement.

Regards to all,

Posted by: Blues1952

Re: Linda - 04/11/14 10:06 AM

Very nice song. I like the vocals - a little processing will bring out some depth to your voice.
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Linda - 04/13/14 06:29 PM


Welcome to the forum! Nice first submission! I agree with the comments on the mix, but this is a nice song, a great start with Band In A Box.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Posted by: olemon

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 09:18 AM

I agree that the instrumentation and RT's are just right to my earls, smooth, well mixed. I also have to be careful about having vocals too up front:) This is a sweet song and a terrific submission. Keep them coming.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 10:20 AM

Thanks to all for your kind comments.
Posted by: Sundance

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 11:27 AM

+1 to what they all said Charlie. If you don't have it yet check out the trial demo for Ozone from Izotope.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 01:21 PM

Really nice! You have a great believable quality to your voice. This is a really pleasant listen!! Keep it up. Take care. Greg
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 09:15 PM

Thanks for you comments and recommendation. Ozone must be a good program, it is the same one recommended to me by my brother recently. I took the opportunity to visit your Soundcloud site and I really love your vocals and production. I especially enjoyed I Can't Be Your Friend and She's In Love. I look forward to hearing more from you.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Linda - 04/27/14 09:21 PM

Thanks Greg for your comments. I was not the lead vocalist on the original recording and having heard both versions, the lead and backup leave a lot to be desired with my attempt at doing both so I have nowhere to go from here but up. LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's exciting to get comments from folks who I've been listening to and admiring their work for months.
Posted by: RichMac

Re: Linda - 04/28/14 06:19 AM

Nice enjoyable pop song. Flows easily. Cheers.