Yesterday's Tomorrow

Posted by: MarioD

Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/15/14 07:17 PM

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This gig started on Friday night but now it is early Saturday morning, thus the title of this song. It is last call so grab your lady and dance for the last time tonight.

After a long and happy but somewhat chaotic vacation/holiday and a number of days of trying to catch up with all of my yard work I was able to get some music finished thanks to a couple days of rain!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this little quick and dirty song. Band in a Box is playing the drums and piano from the Slow CountryPop w. piano [85MST] style while I am playing the alto sax via my wind controller and the bass guitar.

All comments are welcomed.

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/15/14 07:36 PM

Hi MarioD. I believe this is your first post I've had to pleasure to enjoy and I truly did enjoy it. It's a good mix and superb arrangement.


Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/15/14 10:41 PM

Really pretty music! WOuld have never guessed that the sax wasn't live. I would probably make the piano a bit dryer. Very cool stuff! Take care. Greg
Posted by: dani48

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 05:36 AM

Hi, Mario !:))

I really enjoyed this lovely and soothing
tune !:)) PS: Hope you don´t mind if I did not find
any dirt in it ? (LOL) !

Posted by: Scott C

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 07:34 AM

Nice tune. Very relaxing. The sax via windcontroller is very cool.
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 08:28 AM

This sounds good. Nice mellow tune. Kinda sad sounding in some ways.

I have an old Yamaha DS27S that came with a breath controller for similar usage. Harmonica and the wind instruments etc.... I tried to use it and found it to be very much a PITA so it's in a drawer with all sorts of stuff that I rarely use.
Posted by: boehm

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 10:41 AM

Hi Mario,

really pretty song. Very relaxing. I would never have guessed that the sax wasn't real.
I like your avatar.

Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 12:38 PM

Welcome back! We have missed you and this is the most wonderful welcome back. It is fabulous. That sax is awesome. I left a comment on your soundcloud page too. Well done.
Posted by: Kemmrich

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 12:55 PM

I think a wind-controller sax to midi is pretty much "real" -- ha, ha. Great job playing -- and I think you have to know how to play to get that realism. Smooth composition and an overall good sound.
Posted by: Danny C.

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 10:28 PM


As you know I am a sucker for a pretty melody and this is a pretty melody. Plus great job on the wind controller and bass.

Now you can have the rest of the night off.

Later my friend,
Posted by: RichMac

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 11:50 PM

Enjoyed your sax and bass playing Mario and the atmosphere throughout. Smooth. Cheers.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/16/14 11:52 PM

Hi Mario ...

I believe this is the first track of yours we've listened to. Very nice, indeed! pretty and, in a curious way, a bit haunting. To us, it sounds like the music of someone walking away from a love gone bad but wishing it hadn't.

We're pretty basic with out music and have no idea what a wind controller is. Regardless, it soiunded terrific! Thanks for a real nice listen! Best to you ...

Al & Di
Posted by: tommyad

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/17/14 09:10 AM

Mario, What a great sound you get with that wind controller. I like the melody and it is put together very well. Very enjoyable. Tom
Posted by: olemon

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/17/14 09:44 AM

Beautiful music, Mario, soothing and dreamy.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/17/14 11:03 AM

Great to see you around again. Like they all said the sax is amazing -- not only how you did it..but also the melody. Wow!!!!
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/17/14 02:26 PM

Hey, Mario, very nice and smooth tune. Only observation is IMHO, that I would bring the piano a tad back.


Mike B.
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/18/14 12:13 PM

First I would like to thanx all who listened and commented. I really appreciated those comments.

For those who indicated that the piano was a tad too loud well you know how those rock keyboardists are! I’m always yelling turn it down! I will go back and listen more carefully to the piano track.

Herb you might want to reinvestigate that breath controller. With practice it should add realism to wind instruments.

Kevin, I used to be a trumpet and French horn player prior to asthma making me stop. I have my EWI-USB set up with trumpet like fingering. I am still trying to learn how a real sax player plays.

Danny, it did take the night off and I listened to a fantastic performance on
StreetJelly. Great job on that! Josie was super also! What a day for listening!

Al & Di, This,
is the wind controller that I use. Although it looks like a clarinet I have it set up with trumpet like fingering. It has no sound at all but it uses any sound that I have in my computer. It is lots of fun and does at a touch of realism to wind instruments. I am still a beginner on it.

Tom, the sound comes from SampleModeling’s saxes,
They produce the best wind instrument sounds available IMHO.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/18/14 03:55 PM


Wow, man! That is beautiful. Such expressive playing!

I thought the mix was excellent. The piano is right where it should be. Everything is.

So very enjoyable.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/20/14 10:52 PM

Thanx Floyd for listening and the very nice comments, I really appreciate them.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Yesterday's Tomorrow - 05/20/14 11:08 PM


We came back for a second listen. Somethings are so pretty you just can't get enough. We think that applies to this splendid production. Again, kudos!

Al & Di

PS: Will take a look at that link tomorrow ... thanks!