Gold Back

Posted by: pgabriel

Gold Back - 06/01/14 09:05 AM
Pure BIAB.
Only ¨Demo 14¨,is arrenged whit Logic and virtual synths.
Posted by: boehm

Re: Gold Back - 06/01/14 12:10 PM

Hi pgabriel,

I like your tracks and I can imagine them used as background music in promotional videos.
What I'm missing is some melodic part and/or dynamic structure.
Enjoyable listen though.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Gold Back - 06/01/14 01:53 PM

Really nicely done! You put the music together very well. Pleasant listens! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Gold Back - 06/01/14 08:49 PM

Nice stuff.

I'm with Guenter... this really needs a baritone sax or some other really cool laid back lead going on to set up a melodic theme. If you play keys or guitar, drop something in with midi or audio.
Posted by: olemon

Re: Gold Back - 06/02/14 07:12 AM

+1 on the melody or some solo instruments to feature, especially in a song of this duration. I guess it depends on your purpose.

+1 on a good mix also. Nice tune.
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 06:50 AM

Sorry.I do not speak english, unfortunably)
This is a google traduction.
I have not used these demos,yet.I did to try to win some money on advertising or the like, but so far without success.
I have thought, to record some guitar with a Roland VG-99, but I want to learn to play well, first.Im bass player.So far, I like more so.
If you are a musician, and as backintrack you are interested, you can free download ,in my new website Jamendo, I'll put it here.
Thank you for your interest.
Hope you enjoy
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 06:54 AM

The Gold Back free download:
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 06:58 AM

Thank you.
The demos are properly registered.
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 07:02 AM

I note.
But i m bass player.I'm learning to play the guitar for it.
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 07:04 AM

Very thanks.
Posted by: pgabriel

Re: Gold Back - 06/03/14 07:26 AM

Sorry, I wanted to answer one by one, but I have not done correctly.I'm not used to forums frequently.