First song.

Posted by: Nigel G

First song. - 08/04/14 11:00 AM

Hi Everyone.

This is my first song and first post here. It was written and recorded as part of my lessons with ROG and although I'm one of his "students" I think I'm probably nearer the average age of the people on the forum.

The song was written by me and I'm playing all the guitars, but because I don't sing, Courtney who I think some of you will know, stepped up to do the honours. ROG helped with the recording and it's all done in PowerTracks.

I don't know you, you're a stranger
I don't know you, I sense danger
I don't know you, but I feel as though I should
I don't know you, but I feel as though I could

I can't read you
Tell me why are you so strange

As I sit down by the river
There's a cold wind makes me shiver
And I watch as all the silhouettes float by
I don't know you but I feel that I should try.

All comments gratefully received. Thanks for listening.

Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 11:25 AM


This is a fantastic effort, and even more so if it's your first.

You must be playing attention in Rog's class! and an interesting way that you have shown great versatility of the BiaB product

Nice job, you should be very pleased.


PS: And Welcome to the forum!

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 11:27 AM

Excellent first post. Excellent write and production. Courtney is an excellent vocalist. The guitars were really well performed. Enjoyed this a lot.

Posted by: dani48

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 12:05 PM

Hi, Nigel, Courtney and ROG !!

I can but fill in with the praise
from all the others here !! :))
A superb first post by Nigel
and superb vocal from Courtney
seconded by ROG:s superb
recording techniques !:))

It cannot but become a most
enjoyable end result !:))

Posted by: boehm

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 12:24 PM

Hi Nigel,

welcome to the forum.
Nice first post. I can hear ROG behind that.
Enjoyable listen.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 02:12 PM

Cool first one.

The synth horns fit well. The out of tune guitars actually fit and work well too for this tune. In most cases I would tell you to go and tune the guitars but this actually works in your favor with the groove of the song.

Cool sounding indy stuff.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: First song. - 08/04/14 04:02 PM

Hi Nigel,

Your song sounds awesome! ROG and Courtney have done you proud. To my ears, everything works incredibly well. I love the simplicity of the lyrics and the way you've managed to capture a complex emotional situation using the minimal amount of words. I found that very skilful indeed.

Excellent work on so many levels! Courtney's singing is top notch and ROG's guidance in the recording and production are spot on!


P.S. You're very fortunate to have ROG as a mentor. He's a great musician and is surrounded by outstanding talent.
Posted by: plish

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 02:25 AM

Well done, Nigel!! Very cool vibe! Great work on the guitar, and all around!

Looking forward to more tunage!!
Posted by: gibson

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 03:39 AM


Good first song.
Learn from ROG and the rest of the gang and you won't go far wrong.
P.S. You're very fortunate to have ROG as a mentor. He's a great musician and is surrounded by outstanding talent.

Noel is so right

Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 05:20 AM

Welcome to the forum, what a great 1st effort, nicely mastered and Courtney's performance is excellent as are the lyrics, thanks for sharing!
Posted by: George Ireton

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 07:41 AM

Welcome Nij!

Like yourself, I am new to the forum. Just posted my first a week ago. You will find the folks here to me intelligent and helpful.

I like your music quite a lot. I did not find it to "so strange" at all! Haha. Seriously, nice use of the horns. The groove is .... well ... Groovy!

Looking forward to your future posts.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 10:02 AM


Cool song! A very good write. A simple lyric that says a lot!

Solid production and mix.

Kudos to all! a very enjoyable listen.

(and it's still in my head - THAT's a VERY good sign!)

Posted by: MarioD

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 10:24 AM

Nigel, welcome!

This is a fantastic first post. Very nice guitar work, instrumentation, and mix along with Courtney's great voice took this over the top for me.

Ps - this sounds like something Jim Morrison would write!
Posted by: Al-David

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 05:34 PM

HI Nigel,

Welcome to the BIAB Showcase Forum. You'll many very talented, friendly and helpful folks here.

Very nice, especially as a first attempt. The mixing and instrumentation are quite well done. It was a really enjoyable listen! Courtney and ROG did you good...very nice, indeed!

We loved it!~ Best to ya. looking forward to hearing more of your music.

Alan & Di
Posted by: Sonny Ray

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 07:35 PM

Agree with everyone here - great first song - Pop with an edge. And Courtney's voice is perfect voice for the song. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: PatrickH

Re: First song. - 08/05/14 09:24 PM

Nice driving tune. I especially like the change up on the drums into the different sections. Good work!
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: First song. - 08/06/14 02:38 PM

Trippy and cool song!! The arrangement is unconventional but works on an emotional basis with the eerie lyrics and strange vocal phasing. Very well done and interesting tune!! Keep it up. Take care. Greg
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: First song. - 08/06/14 07:55 PM

Hi Nigel, very well done, not only like some people had said, "for your first effort", I think this is very well done, period. Enjoy the listen.

Mike B.
Posted by: ROG

Re: First song. - 08/07/14 11:12 AM

Hi Nigel.

Well you know already that I like this song!

What the others might not realise is that you've progressed to producing this track from being an absolute beginner a little over two years ago. It's always a pleasure to teach someone who works hard and makes that sort of progress.

Looking forward now to seeing what's coming next. Actually, I know what's up next 'cos there's a copy on my computer! Let's get back to work.

Posted by: tommyad

Re: First song. - 08/09/14 08:49 AM

Nigel, This is a great first post. I can't wait to hear what comes next. Very catchy- great mix. Tom
Posted by: RichMac

Re: First song. - 08/10/14 04:55 AM

Hi Nigel. The song has loads of style and it's very well produced. The guitar sounds great to me. Looking forward to more. Cheers.
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: First song. - 08/11/14 12:48 PM

Welcome to the Forum, Nigel! And a great introduction from you here! Great job on the guitar, and has been stated, Courtney really makes it work. Another testament to ROG's class!

Posted by: Nigel G

Re: First song. - 08/13/14 10:56 AM

I just want to say thanks to everyone who took the time to listen to my first song.

I was pleased to get so many comments and complements. It's given me the confidence to work on the next one.