The Cumberland Third edition

Posted by: joesarahh

The Cumberland Third edition - 09/16/14 12:53 PM

Ok, been slaving away on this one. Here are the three links to the three versions:

This is the current version
Sound Cloud

In the new version I created a nice button ending that does not seem slapped on. I redid the mix so the Banjo does not compete with the voice and I got the vocal presence back that I lost in the second version. I also redid the droning kick drum so it has some real low end thump. You can feel it in the chest, it has authority. I have included the lyrics below as well.

The Cumberland
When wind it wanes and canvas hangs like stiff clothes on a wire,
The seadogs call me prophet; the young pups call me liar.
brave and bold we sailed that old and stormy southern sea.
We raged along the slavers coast, a terror proud to be.

Blooded hands and callused feet, our nerves immune to fear.
We suck on rum like babies thumb cause farmhands dine on beer.
Again the call aroused us all and back to sea we go.
Climb swift the riggings lift and let the salty canvas show.

At last the foe to Hampton Roads, comes our ship to claim.
Their back it shines like metal tin, their short mast billows flame.
We know our loss when broadsides cross and heaven hears our plea.
Now drink deep the salty sleep, we're baptized by the sea.

Pipe all hands to muster, beat to quarters dog the guns
Decks are cleared for action boys now, put 'em to the run.
When the first round struck and glanced the steel nations cried and swore
Our first rounds last of sailings past it put all wooden ships ashore

We couldn't win we shouldn't run, we wouldn't strike the flag
I watched each crew stay fast their gun while the hull turned into rag
The seadogs call me prophet; the young pups call me liar.
She lay the shallows draft to the yards dead with all flags flyin'
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: The Cumberland Third edition - 09/16/14 01:41 PM

That should work anywhere. It is a very good mix in my opinion, an excellent written song and your vocals are stellar. You have done a really good job in applying changes that you were agreeable to and make an already good mix into a better mix.

Enjoyed it. I think this is the best version.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: The Cumberland Third edition - 09/16/14 07:55 PM

New one sounds the best-clean, clear and present!!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: MarioD

Re: The Cumberland Third edition - 09/17/14 08:43 PM

I'd like to add a few words of advice to this one, DON'T CHANGE A THING!

This is perfect! Your mix is spot on and the ending is super!
Posted by: Noel96

Re: The Cumberland Third edition - 09/17/14 09:14 PM

Sounds just great, Joe. The word "awesome" came to mind and stayed there the entire time I listened.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: The Cumberland Third edition - 09/19/14 10:43 AM

Nicely done. I like the levels in this.

Nice improvement since the first version.

Drum sounds better.

The ending now works better too. I sometimes fret over the ending and how to properly fade the last held note as much as I fret over anything else in my productions.