Just One More Day

Posted by: BruceI

Just One More Day - 10/04/14 06:08 PM

Hello all,

I haven't been around for a while, but songwriting and recording are making one of their periodic comebacks (finally!). Today I was fooling around with an old country-rock song of mine (circa 1972-73), and I decided to make it a reggae song (well, a reggae RealTracks BIAB style anyway). Maybe I should have waited until Thursday to post, but this song is old AND new. A bit of mash-up with the resonator guitar.

Just One More Day (Bruce Irving)

Thanks for listening!

Here's the style information:
Title: Just One More Day
File:Just One More Day 75 _REGGAS1.SGU
Key=D , Tempo 75, Length (m:s)=3:44
No intro. 66 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 66. Repeat x1 chorus
No Melody
No Soloist track.
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Style is _REGGAS1.STY (Slow Swing 16 Reggae)

RealTracks in style: 1157:Bass, Electric, ReggaeSlow Sw 075
RealTracks in style: 1160:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm ReggaeSlow Sw 075
RealTracks in style: 1158:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ReggaeSlow Sw 075
RealTracks in style: 1159:Organ, B3, Rhythm ReggaeSlow Sw 075
RealTracks in song: 2038:Guitar, Resonator, Soloist CountryRob Ev 085
RealDrums in style: ReggaeClassic^3-a:Sidestick, Kick, HiHat , b:Sidestick Busy, HiHat
Posted by: ROG

Re: Just One More Day - 10/04/14 06:32 PM

Hey Bruce.

Yes, yes, I DO like that.

Wonderful old Peter Tosh feel to this one. Smooth but raw at the same time and not over-complicated.

Great vocal. Where did that high backing vox come from? It's just right for this sort of track.

Hope you're going to stick around for a while if you're posting this stuff.

Many thanks for this one. Just going back for another listen.

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Just One More Day - 10/04/14 08:00 PM

I've been playing around with some of my old songs from those years also. Lot's of fun to re-visit. I enjoyed the listen and look forward to more of your posts soon.

Posted by: dcuny

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 01:06 AM

It was an enjoyable listen, and the resonator with reggae was inspired!

The voices were fun, in particular the staggered entrances - I had visions of Muppets singing along, especially at the end.

Nice! smile
Posted by: gibson

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 04:28 AM


those high harmonies are perfect for the song and I enjoyed the adlibs at the end.

A good mix of reggae and country.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 07:02 AM

Welcome back, Bruce.

As ROG said.."Smooth but raw at the same time and not over-complicated." ... an excellent description...

Clever idea to resurrect an old country song as reggae. You pulled it off very well. The background vocals are delightful. The "Muppet moment" at the end can't help but raise a smile.

Nice grouping of instruments, well mixed (thought the organ could come up a bit).

Enjoyed it.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 08:33 AM

Interesting RT choice and well executed (we had a lot of fun doing a bluegrass standard with those tracks). Great vocals and the arrangement is inventive and and fun. Also you managed to get that ev feel reso track work fine with the sw rhythm. We enjoyed the listen!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 10:19 AM

Hi Bruce,

welcome back.
Interesting choice of RTs. Great vocals and harmonies, and the arrangement is unconventional but fun.
Enjoyable listen.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 10:25 AM

Hi Bruce, this is a very interesting and well-done blend of genres!

You vocal is outstanding and your backing tracks are just as good!

Love the ending!
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 11:57 AM

Love it!! Your voice is perfect for the style-honest, relaxed, and natural. Arrangement and harmonies work perfectly! I think this is how this song was born to feel. Great job!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 04:04 PM

Great mix of genres/instrumentation. And the vocals are outstanding. I really enjoyed it!

Posted by: BruceI

Re: Just One More Day - 10/05/14 04:59 PM

Thanks for all the great comments! I've tried different approaches for this song for years, and I think this may finally be the one. It does sound like I'm channeling my inner Muppet at the end. Maybe Clifford, the dreadlocked musician? The falsetto harmony could be Beaker. But I have to admit I more closely resemble Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. smile

Thanks again,
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Just One More Day - 10/06/14 01:35 AM

Hi Bruce ...

This is the first time we've had a chance to hear one of your songs. Good to "meet you!

What an interesting (interesting in a good way) mix of tracks! We love it when folks color outside the lines and do some unexpected mixes. We totally loved it! Great harmony by someone!

Agree with the Peter Tosh assessment by ROG. Loved the creativity! Thanks for a super listen! Best to ya ...

Alan & Di
Posted by: RnAM

Re: Just One More Day - 10/06/14 08:34 AM

Hi Bruce,

This is very nice! We don't hear a lot of reggae on this forum.
The backing vocals are quite unorthodox.
Very original.

R & AM
Posted by: Sundance

Re: Just One More Day - 10/09/14 11:35 PM

Fun stuff Bruce. Loved it.

Posted by: Icelander

Re: Just One More Day - 10/10/14 08:47 PM

You don't often get a PS guitar with reggae, brill idea cool
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Just One More Day - 10/11/14 07:37 AM

Hi Bruce,

What a terrific listen! The choice of RTs is inspired genius. You shown us all just how important it is to keep an open mind when auditioning RTs.

I'm heading back for another listen now.

Posted by: SpaceDog

Re: Just One More Day - 10/11/14 08:37 AM

Great song and arrangement. Very unique choices. Thanks for sharing.