New Song for the kids

Posted by: erloeser

New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 11:41 AM

My dear friends,

allow me to introduce you to a new children's song that I composed and realized with BIAB.

The idea behind the song was, that children experience bad days especially intense. They also lack the experience that time heals all wounds. If a child has a bad day it thinks that the rest of its life will be black….

For this brief moment of desperation my song shall be the medicine. It is not a great composition, but a children's song. I hope they will like it and sing to her black days,

We made the Song with kids in the age of 10-12.

Enjoy it… Schwarze Tage (Black Days)

The lyrics;

Black Days

(Steffen at the Table)
Black days, when the morning stinks
when it is clear that the day will bring nothing to me
black days, that drowns the joy
and all laughter runs against the walls

(Mia at school, got a bad grade)
The black days, the days in minor
I have no plan what to do
the black days where nothing succeeds
when I kick like stupid and I can’t get further
these black days ... ..

Short solo (Lou buried her rabbit in the forest)

(Jule in the dark)
Black days without light
I stand in the dark, you do not see me
the black days want to tear me
but I will defend myself, I will scratch and bite


There will be a morning and the sky will be blue
my heart will fly, it will be exactly so,
as I want it and how I like it.
it will happen and that will be MY day

It will be bright again, the sun will shine
The whole world sparkle in all colors
There will be no darkness … never again
Everything will be motley… and that’s life!
That is life….

Short solo (Lara argues with Mia)

(Lara running down the street)
Your black days, how I hate you,
because I want all and miss anything
Black days, I'm so alone
Everything is wrong, it should be different

(Lou doing a too much of homework on the table)
Black days, november morning
lull in the stomach, head full of worries
you black days will not catch me,
I'm stronger than you, I will vanquish you

Chorus (2 times)
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 12:22 PM


.. and Lara, Jule, Lou, Mia & Steffan... and everyone else involved (Andreas) ...



Everything about this is at such a high level it's impossible to single out any one thing. Music, Video, "Acting" - Pro all the way...

The kids are amazing... so very natural - like they were born to it...




Posted by: RnAM

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 01:02 PM

Hello Ronald,

What a lovely song and video and how well the children sing!
You must have been busy with it for a long time. But it's worthwhile. Everything sounds and looks very professional.

Rob and Anne-Marie
Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 01:27 PM

Thank you so much, floyd.

Yes, the kids are really, really good. And they are so proud and happy and thankful now.

I can imagine, how cool it will be, if they show this to ther own children one day.

I startet two years ago with "meine alte Schule", a song for children leaving the junior school. This song has been sung on 250 schools in Germany last year an thousends of children, teachers an parents had a lot of fun.

This is better than money, because children on stage may be musicans one day
Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 01:30 PM

Originally Posted By: R & AM
Hello Ronald,

What a lovely song and video and how well the children sing!
You must have been busy with it for a long time. But it's worthwhile. Everything sounds and looks very professional.

Rob and Anne-Marie

Thank you so much.

Yes, it took some month, especially organisation. You know how difficult it can be to bring 5 children in the age of 10 together for the sessions? wink
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 02:33 PM

Excellent. Great write, greater production and very, very professional performances by the children.

I hope your song and message spread to children all around the world.

Posted by: gibson

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 02:54 PM

Ronald, that is incredible.
Absolutely amazing in all aspects.
Well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed every second of that.
I shall give my teacher friend a link to that tomorrow.
She teaches 11 and 12 year olds arithmetic.

Posted by: dcuny

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 03:23 PM

As floyd jane said: WOW.

Just... WOW. Amazingly well done. shocked
Posted by: Icelander

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 03:58 PM

Sehr schön... und die melodie sind so ganz European, ob Sie verstehen was Ich meine. smile
Sehr toll! cool
Posted by: Noel96

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/10/14 07:39 PM

Hi Ronald,

Everything about your song screams professional all the way; its arrangement and production, the performances of the children, the video - everything, absolutely everything!

I still remember when you posted the below song ...

... you are incredibly talented!

All the best,
Posted by: boehm

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/11/14 12:06 PM

Hi Ronald,

absolut professionell! Wie kommst du denn an ein Tonstudio und einen Filmproduzenten ran? Das macht die Sache allerdings perfekt.
Wie ich das sehe hast du die Videos mit deiner Tochter Lara und ihren Freunden gemacht. Da können wir uns sicher auf weitere Produktionen freuen.
Alles sehr erfrischend und unterhaltsam. Ich bin begeistert.

Absolutely professional! How did you get a recording studio and a film producer? That makes it perfect though.
As I see that you made the videos with your daughter Lara and her friends​​. We can certainly look forward to further productions.
All very refreshing and entertaining. I'm excited.

Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/11/14 12:56 PM

I thank you all for your words of appreciation. Of course I know that what I'm doing musically not anywhere near enough of what you do. Therefore, I am thankful for your nice words.

The things I do are made ​​to ensure that children can sing along, and they can perform on stage themselves. I have found that music is now only communicate audio visually. The kids hear and see music on their phones. Therefore the videos.

There is a musical gap for children in germany, who have outgrown the classic children's songs but not listening English pop music . This gap I just fill wink

@ boehm

Well, I'll pay for it like everyone else. The script I wrote myself (there are even episodes), I organized the locations and also made ​​time management. We had a meticulous schedule.

I have a good friend who makes the filming and at a special price; he also makes the film editing and post-production (the the case of a 3-minute video it takes two days). We have four weekends rotated each of the morning at 7 AM to dusk.

We have here near the recording studio of Andreas Melzer, where you pay about 40 € per hour. If the children have been practicing diligently, you are so quickly by. The tracks were all so as wave files from BIAB. If it were not for BIAB would be absolutely impossible for such things.

The cost of such a project amount to approximately $ 2,000 (ie about 1500 €).

Some of the money I will recoup years back on Youtube about advertising revenue.

The revenues are not high, but they help finance.


Nun ja, ich bezahle dafür wie jeder andere. Das Drehbuch habe ich selbst geschrieben (es sind ja Episoden), ich habe die Drehorte organisiert und auch das Zeitmanagement gemacht. Wir hatten einen minutiösen Ablaufplan.

Ich habe einen guten Bekannten, der die Filmaufnahmen macht und das zum Sonderpreis; er macht auch den Filmschnitt und die Postproduktion (die bei einem 3-Minuten Video zwei Tage dauert). Wir haben an vier Wochenenden gedreht jeweils von Morgens um 7 AM bis abends.

Wir haben hier in der Nähe das Tonstudio von Andreas Melzer, wo man etwa 40 € pro Stunde zahlt. Wenn die Kinder fleissig geübt haben, ist man schnell damit durch. Die Tracks kamen ja alle als Wave-Files aus BIAB. Wenn es BIAB nicht gäbe wären solche Dinge absolut unmöglich.

Die Kosten eines solchen Projektes belaufen sich auf ca. 2000 US $ (also etwa 1500 €).

Einen Teil des Geldes werde ich über Jahre wieder bei Youtube über Werbeeinnahmen hereinholen.

Die Einnahmen sind nicht hoch, aber sie helfen bei der Finanzierung.


Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/11/14 03:44 PM

Beautifully done!! Excellent production, composition, arrangement...the whole nine! Lyrics are very good as well but they seem more mature than most 10-12 year olds (my kid's ages) would understand. Great stuff!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/11/14 05:10 PM

Hi Greg,

thank you so much.

In the english translationI had to substitute all the slangwords from the language of the german youth.

But believe me: The kids understand. The German education system is perhaps not exemplary, but children learn languages (and their own language).
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/12/14 12:40 PM

Wow!!!! Ronald, everything about this is just fantastic! This is some of the best stuff I have seen here. I appreciate the English translation. As pretty much everyone has commented, the production is very professional. The video is just superb, and the children are just great - both musically and dramatically.

I really look forward to hearing more from you!

Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/13/14 02:40 AM

Hi Steve,

thank you so much for your nice words. I wish you could really translate the linguistic subtleties. But unfortunately it remains a superficial translation.

We are not professionals, therefore, we need much time for the professional look.

Poor Lou stood an hour on the cold ground with bare feet until we had the tracking to her legs in the box.

On the set, I sometimes behave like a North Korean cheerleader. The children are often really mad at me. But in the end they are proud and happy

Children can be so strong when it calls ...
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/13/14 08:44 AM

Ronald, this has to be one of the best written and produced songs I have ever witnessed on this forum. A big congratulations must go to you, an especially big congratulations must go to the wonderful young people who have obviously put in such a fantastic effort and clearly worked extremely hard.

Your production team, including film and sound is exceptional.

The song is simply superb.

Regarding the outdoor scenes from 3:30 to 4:00. I wonder where they were taken? It reminds me of Schwarzwald. I visited there several times.

Please accept my sincere congratulations, and do pass this on to all involved. I hope the video-clip goes 'viral'.

Kind regards

Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/14/14 05:40 AM

Dear Trevor,

thank you so much for your nice words.

We recorded the outdoor here on the countryside. We have just to go out the door. The location is 60 km east from Cologne. It's really green and hilly.

It's nice here, but it's nothing to do. Therefore, we have to deal with us ... and the kids too so they do not get any stupid ideas ....

Kind Regards

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/14/14 07:56 AM

Very nice stuff there. Exceedingly well done.

The topic is a difficult one. You wrote about it in a very compassionate way. Yes, children experience bad days, and lacking the proper perspective, as you pointed out, can easily forget that things will get better. Life always will get better.

Dark verses balanced by the hopeful chorus.....well done.

I listened to the other song that was linked..... tween pop.... I believe is what it's called. Not kids music and not teen pop.... tween pop....

Glad to see you have found a niche market to write music for. With the quality of your music and video production, there's no reason why this shouldn't be picked up by publishers for the European continent. This kind of music sells..... trust me, my wife and I bought and listened to lots of this tween pop music here in this house through the years having had 2 girls...... oh yeah....

Excellent job
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/14/14 09:26 AM

it's all been said and said well. Top notch pro
production in all aspects -- video, audio,
arrangement and production.


Posted by: BruceI

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/14/14 08:38 PM

I am nearly speechless (which never happens). This is just so amazing at so many levels, and oh yes, BIAB is in there somewhere too, right? As others have maybe said, when something is so seamlessly professional across the board, it's a bit hard to say, "why didn't you try the minor 9th the second time through." smile

Congratulations on completing such an ambitious and beautiful project. Such talented kids too. I can understand just enough German to follow along with your English translation, which made it more fun.

Thanks for sharing this!

Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/15/14 02:43 PM

Thank you all for your nice words.

Originally Posted By: BruceI
.... oh yes, BIAB is in there somewhere too, right?

Everything ist BIAB, I mean all instruments. I exported the tracks of all instruments to wavefiles. Sometimes, if I needed different guitars in different sytles I changed the style of the song in BIAB and exported one more guitar-track to wave.

I imported the waves to reaper made the fadeins and fadeouts. In the song you can hear solos of guitars and of a harp. Same thing: Created in BIAB, exported to waves and cut in a daw (reaper, which is a 40-$-daw).

It's a little bit like cutting video.

My workflow is a little bit "try-and-error"

After that I took all the tracks (waves) and brought them to a prof. recording studio. The guy just added some crashes and a basedrum in the chorus. And of course, he did all the effects, because I brought all waves "dry"

The rest.... the kids smile


Posted by: erloeser

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/15/14 04:54 PM


Thank you so much. But i didn't thought about a market. I will not earn mony with my songs (I wish I could). But, i see the reactions of the kids.... they have fun. And some wrote, that they are comforted by the song. Better than market and money....


Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/15/14 09:46 PM


Wonderful song and video. As everyone has mentioned, top grade songwriting and production work. The children performances are professional in every respect.

As you mentioned earlier, years from now, the children will be able to share this performance with their children. How great is that?!

I hope you continue to find the results worth the effort.
Posted by: tommyad

Re: New Song for the kids - 10/16/14 12:06 PM

Ronald, This is just super. All the performances, the mix, the video and overall production are all top notch. This deserves widespread recognition. Absolutely wonderful! Tom