New song - the real love

Posted by: Sergio Guarneri

New song - the real love - 10/14/14 03:17 PM

I made this song some times ago.

tempo 105 b/m F#-
OTISS.sty Blues greasy

sergio-guarneri/the-real-love (wrong link - new link below)

I played with my Gretsch Electromatic

Posted by: dcuny

Re: New song - the real love - 10/14/14 03:28 PM

The correct link is

Nice playing!
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: New song - the real love - 10/15/14 08:19 AM

Hey... cool sound. I like the fat tone on the guitar.

What drums are you using? They don't quite sound like BB/RB to me. Reason being, the snare is pretty loud compared to the rest of the kit. PG drums tend to be more balanced.

Edit: you mentioned that this was the song you lost the SGU file on due to a HD crash. I pointed out that I keep backup copies off the computer.... but.... I never sweat it if I end up losing a file. I have head some occasions where a backup from a CD was corrupted or in other ways, non-readable. Just start again from square one..... rebuilding a song in BB might take 30 minutes, perhaps an hour if I take my time.

NO biggie.... it doesn't take long with BB to rework the song again from scratch. AND.... what I have found out is that as time passes, and my skills improve, the second version is generally better than the first one anyway. I apply the same logic to my guitar solos in my music. I never layer or record multiple copies of guitar solo's. I always DELETE the existing one and go for broke from scratch every single time. My reasoning again is that if I played it before, I can play it again, but better the next time. And this practice has NEVER failed to yield a better solo. I stop once I am satisfied that I have an interesting part recorded.
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: New song - the real love - 10/15/14 09:55 AM

Beautiful, the guitar work is superb, thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: New song - the real love - 10/15/14 10:22 AM

Nice song. I like the tone from the guitar on this. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: BruceI

Re: New song - the real love - 10/15/14 09:41 PM

Welcome! The guitar tone is pleasingly fat, and the playing has some really nice moments. But whatever is going on with the drums is pretty distracting and makes the track sound overly busy - I feel like I miss everything but the drums and lead. You can never say that a snare is "too loud" if it works for the song - many cool recordings are based on such exaggerated drum effects. But for me in this case, it takes away from the rest of the arrangement. Some tweaks with the mix and EQ might fix it.

Thanks for sharing,
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: New song - the real love - 10/16/14 01:02 AM

Very sweet sounds! Really nicely put together. Enjoyed it very much! Take care. Greg
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: New song - the real love - 10/16/14 08:51 AM


I like our song. Your guitar playing is nicely melodic - smooth and comfortable - enjoyable to listen to. I am a big fan of "a snappy snare", but as others have noted, in this case, it is taking attention away from your guitar. The instrument choices work well.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: New song - the real love - 10/16/14 11:02 AM

Really fine guitar -- both tone and playing!!

I agree with the drum comments.
Posted by: Sergio Guarneri

Re: New song - the real love - 10/16/14 02:20 PM

Hallo everyone

Thanks for the replies and for the nice words.

I made the song (and others) when I used Bib for a short time.
I will pay more attention to the sound of drums.

Unfortunately I have no further details of the song (in any memory stick or hard disk)So I can't say what kind of drums I used.

Congratulations to all for your musics, very great.
To hear from you soon.