Do You Remember

Posted by: jgottlied

Do You Remember - 11/01/14 09:53 AM

This is another song that I no longer have any information on the Band-in-a-Box styles and instruments that I used. I can tell you that all instrumentation is BB. Each instrument was dropped into Cubase LE for mix with the vocals.

Do You Remeber
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Do You Remember - 11/01/14 10:25 AM

I really like your song and performance. I think your vocals fit good in the song and matches the song style. In my mind, I could imagine background vocals and adding Ooh's & Ahhh's to add dimension to the dynamics and to break up some of the repetitiveness. The instrumental break at 2:35 is a great place for a southern rock lead guitar and then when the solo ends at the 3:25 mark, have the music drop out even sparser than it does now at that mark.

These are just ideas that popped up as I listened through the song; twice so far. I'll certainly be going back for another listen soon. I like what you have accomplished. This is a well written song, great lyrics and theme and the performance and mix are spot on. I think you've achieved a very professionally sounding production.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Do You Remember - 11/01/14 04:03 PM

Nice job!! Again, I love the feel you get on the vocals (thanks, BTW, for your description following my questions). This song feels great all around-perfect arrangement for the vibe, and excellent vocal. I have to agree with you on where music has gone. It used to be about doing something great, inspirational, and original. Now, it's mostly about driving some inane lyrics and repetitive melody into the minds of unsuspecting 10 year-olds who will twist their parents arm to buy it. That's what I love about this forum-pretty much all true music lovers, and talented ones at that! Take care. Greg
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Re: Do You Remember - 11/02/14 11:05 AM

If I had the chance, I would prefer to make music with other artists. I agree with the suggestions for "oohs and aahs". For me music is all about the creation. I know that I will never get rich making music. If money is the sole reason behind someone making music then they really should give it up. Thanks for your comments and long live music just for the love of creating, sharing, and enjoying it.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Do You Remember - 11/02/14 05:35 PM

A good one, John.

It would be nice (for a song like this) if you posted the lyric.

The instrumentation works well. Some nice changes along the way. The harmonica at the break was pretty low - I thought it could come up quite a bit....


Posted by: jgottlied

Re: Do You Remember - 11/03/14 12:26 AM

Thanks Floyd. I agree about the harmonica and wish I had the ability to rework the mix a bit, but I lost most of my pre-mix audio tracks for my recordings when my system crashed about a year ago. I still haven't even gotten back to the point where I can record again yet. I didn't think about adding lyrics until I had noticed some others, like yourself, add them in the post. It would give me an excuse to retype them all anyways. It is just so heartbreaking when I think about all the work and effort that I lost. My tip for anyone who might read this is to make backups of everything you do on a completely separate system if possible, or a separate external drive if not.
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Do You Remember - 11/03/14 05:51 AM

I really liked what I heard of your song! (I didn't make it all the way through... not for lack of interest, but because of technical difficulties on my end. )

what I liked:
1) excellent topic! (and well developed)
2) Chord progression was very nice.. not the usual minimalist set. Transitions were logical and pleasant
3) use of real tracks was very good! I liked the instruments you chose and how you wove them all together

nothing that can't be explained away by a condition I have: "Grumpy old man-ness"

You've posted several songs recently, and I'd say you are clearly a talented guy with a lot to offer this little community of friends and partners in creative crime. Regarding backups, the way to go is any of the online backup sites. They're relatively inexpensive, they never ever crash, your files will outlast all of your future computers and probably you too.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Do You Remember - 11/04/14 10:19 AM

The mix sounds good on my
KRK's -- everything seems to
sit nicely. We enjoyed the sentiment
AND the vocal delivery.


Posted by: RnAM

Re: Do You Remember - 11/04/14 05:55 PM

Yes, this one sounds very cool!
Again, a shame you don't have the instrument list anymore.
But this almost sounds like the instruments were played in real-time, that is: for real.