The No Show Song

Posted by: MarioD

The No Show Song - 11/25/14 06:41 AM

The No Show Song

On of my students didn't show up for a lesson, I like these kind as I get paid even thought they didn't show up, so I had a few minutes to mess around with my guitar. I came up with this simple chord progression and lead line. When I got home I punched the chords into BiaB, transferred that to Sonar and put in the basic lead line. Then I worked on it until it became this.

The BiaB style is PopBrit 2 Guitars (120 RS). I deleted the bass, strings and guitar tracks. The piano/organ track is verbatim. I kept the B section of the drum track but replaced the A section with some GrooveMonkee MIDI grooves. Note both sections were slightly modified to better fit the song. Also note there are no RDs or RTs used; these are all MIDI.

I am playing the bass and lead guitar parts as well as my wind controller.

Let me know what you think of this simple jam.
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 07:28 AM


This is spectacular!!!

Love that organ (what synth did you use?)! Love that guitar!

Cool flute. Cool drums!

A great listen!

Posted by: boehm

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 07:51 AM

Hi Mario,

great jam. I like those moments your students leave you alone to be creative.
Enjoyable listen.

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 09:15 AM

Killer tune!! Very different from your recent posts. I hear this as a 70's music score or something Tarantino might use in a Jackie Brown kind of film. Great guitar playing, and instrument tracks are killer! Sounds like a spring reverb emulation. Flute is sweet! Great job on everything! Take care. Greg
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 03:03 PM

needs to heard... so let's give it a bump...
Posted by: rsdean

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 03:11 PM


Wow! This is great - really enjoyed it.

Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 03:19 PM

that's awesome for MIDI, Mario... Like Floyd I'd like to know what soft synth and patch you used for the organ.. also what DRUM package you used... those MIDI drums sound purty dang GOOD!

and of course, I've told you before how I envy your ability to play the wind controller in addition to the stringed instruments (oh yeah.. wind controller... what soft synth and patch for the flute?)

This is the second no-show song from you, isn't it? And you get paid even if they don't show?? Man, that's like getting paid to play with BIAB! It just doesn't get any better than that!

Here's hoping for the next no-show...
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 03:24 PM

Some have it but MarioD, you really have it. Loved this. Thanks for posting.

Posted by: Don Gaynor

Re: The No Show Song - 11/25/14 06:39 PM

Mario, I detected nuances of many of your musical influences all neatly wrapped in a wonderful package. Very well done, my friend.
Posted by: dani48

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 12:26 AM

Hi, Mario !

Brilliant ! WOW !
Seems your students should
come late or leave between
your classes more often
if this is the result ?

I love this kind of jam !

Posted by: gibson

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 12:43 AM

Grooovy baby!!

For some reason I was reminded of Peter Sellars' film, The Party and also Austin Powers.

Good playing as usual.

BIAB is great, you can jam with yourself!

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 05:21 AM

Cool jam with a solid 60's vibe to the groove.

I think the organ does a lot for the vibe..... that sound was very popular as well as the clean guitar sound.
Posted by: JoanneCooper

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 07:39 AM

Very cool tune Mario. Love love love the flute....
Posted by: MarioD

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 08:15 AM

A very hearty thank you to all whom listened and commented. It is greatly appreciated.

Floyd and others - The organ is Native Instruments B4II. The B4II and it predecessor B4 stand-a-lone and 32 bit VSTi was discontinued a few years ago. I think that was a big mistake on their part as this is the best sounding Hammond emulator IMHO.

Pat - The drums were from Steven Slates SSD 4 preset Slate rock 01. In Sonar I split the toms and snares, high hats and cymbels and the kick into separate MIDI tracks, bounced them to three different wavs, then processed them with the Waves CLA drum processor. I bought the CLA on a one day $25 USD no-brainer sale about a month ago; it is the old 32 bit version only. This will process any drum wav file and it has a number of ways to change the sound of a drum track. It really works!

The flute sound is called Passion flute. It is a third party patch for NI's Kontakt. It is one of my go-to flute sounds.

I do get paid for no shows but I'd much rather be home composing in front of my computer than waiting for the next student.

Charlie - At my age I may have it but I surely don't know what it is!

Thanx again to all!
Posted by: Sundance

Re: The No Show Song - 11/26/14 09:54 PM


I thought I'd already commented on this one and then realized I hadn't - must've listened and then got distracted.

Great sounds. Enjoyed it a lot.

Posted by: tommyad

Re: The No Show Song - 11/28/14 07:43 AM

Mario, this one got by me also. Glad I found it. The organ sounds really cool. Great playing and a great listen. Tom
Posted by: RnAM

Re: The No Show Song - 11/28/14 10:27 AM

Hi Mario,

Nice music, we think we can hear you tapping with your fingers on a desk because you're annoyed laugh.
You used this extra time in a very useful way!

Rob and Anne-Marie
Posted by: SpaceDog

Re: The No Show Song - 11/28/14 03:49 PM

Nicely done. I love the organ . A very enjoyable listen. Your guitar is a great as ever.
Posted by: MarioD

Re: The No Show Song - 11/28/14 05:53 PM

Thanx Josie, Tommy, Rob and Anne-Marie for listening and the very nice comments.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: The No Show Song - 11/29/14 05:22 AM

Excellent song. Guitar work was very cool. Love your tone...