New songs

Posted by: critter

New songs - 12/14/14 10:57 PM

Three new songs using my Izotope bundle trial. Vocals on Only You are not done but figured I better hurry in the 10 day trial. link: Finally got the link right, sorry.......

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 03:34 AM

That's three nice songs critter. Only You held my interest best and I think it to be the strongest offering of the three. All are good and you have some really nice guitar and vocals going on. Enjoyed my listen.

Posted by: Scott C

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 04:58 AM

Really liked the intro to Run in Fear. I also liked Only you the best
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 05:58 AM


The mixes all sound very good... the lead in Run In Fear is nice, but seem to wooble occasionally as if it was stretched too much...

The Trailer Park band is good...

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 06:06 AM

Nice productions.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 08:30 AM

I liked all three.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 01:22 PM

Cool tunes!! You have a nice vocal quality (I hear elements of "the king" at times) and obviously a good understanding of how to put music together. Lyrics are kind of hard to make out at times. Really enjoyed it! Take care. Greg
Posted by: sslechta

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 02:21 PM

Nice stuff Steve from Cleveland.

"Trailer Park" has the nice blues guitar feel I love. Nice riffs. My fav of the 3.

"Run In Fear" had me thinking of Dire Straits.

"Only You" same thing as Run.... Nice vibe to it.

Steve from St. Louis
Posted by: critter

Re: New songs - 12/15/14 10:17 PM

Thanks for the good words, I am working hard, maybe too hard to get all the mixes with my bundle, I plan on buying it before the 31st before the special ends, the bundle includes Nectar 2, Alloy 2, and Ozone 6, for $399.00, quite a savings. Getting each in order for the mastering is very time consuming I have eight songs and kinda got just the three almost I think I should wait until I buy so I don't feel rushed.
Floyd, the lead in Run In Fear is Brent mason I think pop promise, I thought the vibrato in there was cool, I didn't stretch anything, the only effect was a lite verb in the Mixcraft 6 Pro. Maybe I should take out the verb, will try different mixes. All good things take time, at my age I better hurry Thanks again
PS. It was Brent 1167, 60 to 85, I have tempo set at 100, boy you're good, it is stretched by 15. Now I feel really
Posted by: boehm

Re: New songs - 12/16/14 06:47 AM

Hi Steve,

all three are nice. The key of Only You might be a little too high for your voice. You sing the other two much more relaxed.

Posted by: gibson

Re: New songs - 12/17/14 08:41 AM

I liked all 3.

I look forward to more,