Christmas Long Ago

Posted by: the_blooze

Christmas Long Ago - 12/23/14 08:48 AM

Here is another song from our Christmas CD "It's A Homestead Wintery Night"

Christmas Long Ago

Most of the tracks were created in Biab

Merry Christmas, Andrew and Marg Lloyd

Marg and Andrew Lloyd - itunes link
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Christmas Long Ago - 12/23/14 10:21 AM

Pretty song!! Nice images you've come up with. Christmas is always a time of reflection for me, in my own life and in a historical sense. Nice production (vocals, mix)! Take care, and Merry Xmas! Greg
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Christmas Long Ago - 12/23/14 11:17 AM

another good one Andrew! Your wife's voice is absolutely gorgeous! So smooth and spot on intonation!

I envy you and everybody else here who has a spouse who collaborates musically!
Posted by: boehm

Re: Christmas Long Ago - 12/24/14 06:41 AM

Hi Andrew,

nice vocals and mix. Your wife's voice is very clear
and in perfect pitch.
Enjoyable listen.
Merry Christmas.