Street 25

Posted by: critter

Street 25 - 01/22/15 10:55 PM

Redone old tune, vocals will be revamped when I finally get rid of this cold. The link is
Posted by: boehm

Re: Street 25 - 01/23/15 07:49 AM

Hi Steve,

nice! I'd like to see the lyrics printed and to know what RTs you used.

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Street 25 - 01/23/15 12:14 PM


Nice rockin' number. The guitars and organ are going at it nicely!... The drums are a bit low - although the highs are coming through pretty well - you may need to roll off a little high eq if you bump the drum kit up..

+1 on Guenter's request for a lyric. You might try a little bit of a delay on the vocal to give it just a touch of "space".

A good listen.