Nova Scotia Spring

Posted by: the_blooze

Nova Scotia Spring - 05/06/15 06:35 AM

Hi everyone,

Here is another song we created in Biab using Celtic Real Tracks, and made into a Video, using pictures we've taken around our home in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Spring

Hope you enjoy, Marg and Andrew Lloyd
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Nova Scotia Spring - 05/06/15 06:55 AM

Enjoyed the song and video. This is a nice production and use of RealTracks but the real star is Marg. She has a wonderful voice.

Posted by: boehm

Re: Nova Scotia Spring - 05/06/15 06:57 AM

Hi Andrew and Marg,

another nice song and video. Very nice arrangement.
Marg's voice is so clear and precise.
Enjoyable watch and listen.
It's not a good idea to post several songs at a time.
Maybe a week's interval would be better.