Standing Tall (Stroke Survivor update)

Posted by: Adrian

Standing Tall (Stroke Survivor update) - 09/09/15 05:40 AM

You may recall I posted a video 5 months ago about my wife Hayley and her first year recovering a stroke in her late thirties.

Well 5 months have passed, so I am posting an update video. Whilst Hayley was in hospital following her stroke she was convinced she would not be able to do all the things we had always loved doing and going to places we had always loved going, one such place was Florida. We both love Florida and one place in particular Anna Maria Island. Well 15 months post stroke we have just come back from 5 weeks in Florida and we have visited all the places she thought she may never see again including Anna Maria Island.

The song on the Video was a track originaly written before my wifes stroke, it was about holding your head up and rising above things but now it seems to have taken a new meaning as my wife is indeed standing Tall!

Track completley done in Band in a Bix, mixed and mastered in Logic.

Posted by: mwgilbert

Re: Standing Tall (Stroke Survivor update) - 09/09/15 03:31 PM

Great tune, nicely arranged, good choice of RTs, and above all, a great tribute to the success of your wife's recovery! I enjoyed listening and will listen again. Thanks for sharing it, and the story behind it.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Standing Tall (Stroke Survivor update) - 09/09/15 04:59 PM

Great song and production and a wonderful video you and Haley are able to share. Wonderful news of her recovery and tell we are all proud of her 'standing tall' against her illness and celebrate her progress. This is inspirational.