My bluesy reggae

Posted by: Chris37

My bluesy reggae - 12/09/15 08:25 AM

Hi all !
Here's a soft reggae with bluesy colours.

RD ReggaeTambo^1
RT 1392 Acoustic Bass
RT 526 Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar
RT 1158 Electric Guitar
RT 2034 Mandolin
RT 576 Solo Electric Guitar
RT 1055 Alto Sax
Yamaha QY700 Orgel
Posted by: MarioD

Re: My bluesy reggae - 12/09/15 12:46 PM

Very nice use of RTs to compliment your Yamaha. Very nice mix also.

This is really good!
Posted by: SRP

Re: My bluesy reggae - 12/09/15 08:25 PM

Your QY700 always fascinates me and the other instruments did well in this song. I enjoyed.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: My bluesy reggae - 12/09/15 11:05 PM

Reggae and blues. Who'd a thunk? Really interesting!! Nice playing and use of the RTs. Enjoyed! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Noel96

Re: My bluesy reggae - 12/11/15 03:37 PM

Hi Chris,

Very creative... again. You really have a knack for grabbing Realtracks that are miles apart in genres and putting them together to create something special. This was a really pleasant listen.