The Next Best Thing

Posted by: Carolyne

The Next Best Thing - 04/15/16 06:07 PM

Here's a song I wrote a couple of years back. I think I put it on the Forum, but I don't think I gave any info on it, so I thought I'd put it up again to possibly breathe some life back into it. Broke from my traditional format on this tune and used one of the Midi styles

J_Wynt_K Wynton K. (Chord Embellished)
Jazz Brushes

The Next Best Thing

Like Mickey and Minnie
Just like Mac and Cheese
Like chips slathered in dip
Like honey and Bees
Like hot dogs and mustard
Like sugar and cane
Like a buggy and whip
Like Tarzan and Jane

Like nuts and bolts
Like a hammer and nails
Like Pasa and Dena
Like a rainstorm with hail
(Second Verse)
Just like cake and ice cream
and Apple Pie
The Next Best Thing that I know
is you and I.

Like turkey and stuffing
Like Ginger and Fred
Like a good book read by a fire
Apple butter on bread
Like hook or by crook
Like a clef on a staff
Like corned beef and cabbage
Like a joke followed by a laugh

Just Like Geshundeit
right after a sneeze
Like that morning cup of coffee
Like a Bee and his knees

Like an Ace right up my sleeve
Like other fish swimming in the sea
The Next Best thing that I know
is you and me.

Copyright © 2013 Carolyne Swayze
Posted by: PeterF

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/15/16 08:28 PM

Really lovely song, top quality write (clever lyrics) and production.
Great feel and performance.
Posted by: dga

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/15/16 08:32 PM

Carolyn I love all your music, this one is no different. Very nice listen. Geshundeit clever!!
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/15/16 08:48 PM


Yeah! Up to your usual excellent standard.

What a great feel. Smooth.

Thanks for sharing.
Posted by: Trygve Larsen

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 12:30 AM

You are doing it again Carolyne ! What a great voice you have ! Love it and could listen to it again and again....
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 05:24 AM

That's what it ought to sound like.

A good listen. Well done.

Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 06:17 AM

Wow, Carolyne! That was AWESOME!

I loved your collection of perfect matches, and the clever rhymes between them! I bet you had a lot of fun sitting with pencil , pad and cup of coffee writing down all your ideas!

I liked the pause between "Tarzan" and "Jane"... in fact, this whole song is the perfect medium for your highly stylish vocals!

I liked that you split Pasadena into two words, then implied they were inseparable... ;-)

That MIDI style is absolutely PERFECT for this song! Very classy and good match for your singing style

Great composition and performance! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Posted by: boehm

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 07:04 AM

Hi Carolyne,

this was the second song you posted on this
forum. It's enjoyable to listen to it
again. Great fun lyrics and vocals.

Posted by: dani48

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 12:25 PM

Hi, Carolyne !:))

Loved it !:))
You´re our own
"Ella" Carolyne !:))

I´m weak for jazz
and swing and your
tune and perfomance
are simply great !:))

Posted by: gruverider

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 05:54 PM

Smooth and delightful!
Posted by: Carolyne

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/16/16 10:02 PM

Thanks everyone for the listen and kind words.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/17/16 01:00 AM

Hi Carolyne,

I was sitting here at my computer sipping a glass of shiraz and thought... oh... there's a song from Carolyne... let's listen! Wow... One verse into the song and I can honestly say that Carolyne and a glass of Shiraz are a perfect combo too and a great end of the day.

I really enjoyed this! There are some truly inspired word pairings in these lyrics.

All the best,
Posted by: Carolyne

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/17/16 09:53 AM

Californians appreciate a good Shiraz (although North Americans can’t seem to kick the European pronunciation Syrah). I have had the pleasure, and am convinced that Australia, the Barossa Valley in particular, has grown a marvelous varietal grape. While I’m not sure the Shiraz would appreciate it, a Carolyne and Penfold Shiraz is a next best thing that works for me! Yummmm! Thanks, for the pairing and for listening, Noel.
Posted by: Sergio Guarneri

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/18/16 02:01 PM

very nice song, great interpretation

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/18/16 02:36 PM

"That's what it ought to sound like"

floyd absolutely summed it up. If you like this
genre like we do then, yep, this is what it
should sound like. This is gonna take
several listens to fully appreciate all of the
cool nuances in the vocal. Take that vocal,
the write and the perfect supporting tracks
and...well, it's what it ought to sound like!

And we are glad it does - great listen

Posted by: animarorecords

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/19/16 02:41 AM

Hello, Carolyne

Very nice vocal and very good song like American great jazz standard songs.
Helen Merrill, Diana Krall and etc.
I have loved jazz vocals since I was young.
And great fun lyrics for me, which I easily understand in spite of my poor English.
I also like Australian Shiraz, Napa Pinot Noir, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but I like better to drink Scotch when I listen to Jazz.
Old Parr with soda and your song are a perfect combo for me.
I really enjoyed this!

Best Regards

Shigeki Adachi
Posted by: Carolyne

Re: The Next Best Thing - 04/19/16 09:19 AM

Aaah, scotch and jazz, a great pairing. Thanks for listening. BTW, I am a fan of both Helen Merrill and Diana Krall.
Keep the music playing.