Le blues latin

Posted by: Chris37

Le blues latin - 07/27/16 05:59 AM

Hi everybody !
Here's a latin minor blues.


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C'est un blues au goût latin,
le carrefour de deux chemins.
Il a un côté cubain,
un côté américain.
Ce mélange lui va si bien.
Les frontières n'empêchent en rien
de baigner dans les deux bains.
C'est un blues au goût latin.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Le blues latin - 07/27/16 07:43 PM

Nice one Christian!! Always love your vocal style. And the guitars worked very sweetly in this one. Nice stuff!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: Le blues latin - 07/28/16 08:20 AM

Great job on this tune, Chris!

When you started singing in French, my cognitive dissonance kicked in! Until then I was thinking "Santana"

I love blues played in a minor key!
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Le blues latin - 07/29/16 12:45 AM

Thanks Greg !
The contrast between the guitars and the piano is the basis of this piece.
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Le blues latin - 07/29/16 12:53 AM

Thank Pat !
The reference to the excellent Carlos Santana is so natural when we speak of latin blues.