On The Road

Posted by: Guitarhacker

On The Road - 12/17/17 12:39 PM

Here's the first official song from the new studio. I finally got the time to write something new and actually have the time to record it.

I present a Twin Gremlin production recorded at Kill Branch studio......

On The Road

The band is totally BB.

Nashville 8 drums, Bass, 2 electric guitars, piano, steel, mandolin, 5 vocal tracks.

Hope you enjoy it....

BTW: good to be back again.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: On The Road - 12/17/17 03:20 PM

LOL, A new brick and mortar studio. Great song. It's good to have you back and like the new addition of the delay in your production tool box.

Enjoyed my listen.

Posted by: tommyad

Re: On The Road - 12/18/17 04:32 AM

Herb, Glad to see the studio is up and running. Now maybe you can sit back and enjoy the new place a bit more. Love the song. Sounds like Poco meets the Dirt Band. I have played this Country Rock style most of my life so it was such a comfortable listen I felt like I've played it before. Great vocals. The stops in the last verse were very effective. Overall super production and performance. Much enjoyed! Tom
Posted by: Scott C

Re: On The Road - 12/18/17 07:22 AM

Excellent country tune. Super vocal and lyric. Well done
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: On The Road - 12/18/17 01:00 PM

A good job on that, Herb. A good flow. As Tom mentioned, the stops were effective. The mandolin worked well.
Posted by: gruverider

Re: On The Road - 12/18/17 03:50 PM

Nice groove and I agree with Floyd, I loved the mandolin.

Big sound and good rocking!
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: On The Road - 12/19/17 05:32 AM

Charlie: It's good to have the studio up and running, but better still to get the time to actually set down and write something new. Thanks for commenting.

Tommy: Poco and Nitty Gritty were some of my favorite country rock bands. I was think Bob Seeger a bit too in some of his more country sounding tunes. Thanks for listening.

Scott: Glad you dropped in and had a listen and enjoyed it. Thanks
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: On The Road - 12/19/17 02:24 PM

We like Tom's "poco meets the dirt band" description. Two bands we've listened to a lot.

A cool description for a cool production.

"That place we've been looking for might be just around the bend."

And if it ain't the fun is mostly in the journey.


Posted by: Al-David

Re: On The Road - 12/19/17 03:05 PM

Hi Herb,

Yeah, The Band lives again! One of my biggest loves is traveling, so this one hit home. And have to agree with the comments about the stops. Cool song! And this is, perhaps, your best vocal in quite some time. Congrats on the studio! I really enjoyed this ... A bunch!

Merry Christmas.

Posted by: PeterF

Re: On The Road - 12/19/17 03:11 PM


A strong country rock song - excellent arrangement, and like floyd I liked the held chords near the end.
Nice catchy tune.

Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: On The Road - 12/20/17 05:24 AM

Floyd.... thanks for dropping in and having a listen.

Gruverider....thanks for the listen. I always have enjoyed the big band sound.... not talking about Dorsey & Kruppa. They have their own special place in my heart.

Janice & Bud.... That was one thing I really enjoyed about being in a traveling band.... another day meant another town. And some of the places we got to stay were like being on vacation and playing music at night.... it just didn't get much better.
Posted by: jannesan

Re: On The Road - 12/20/17 08:12 AM

Very groovy and melodic, really catchy chorus. Powerful arrangement, I can't recognize any BIAB instrument, hard to believe it's all BIAB, so you have made really good work in the mixing.

Posted by: 44kfl

Re: On The Road - 12/20/17 06:22 PM

I liked the Poco meets Dirt Band comment

very nice write, really like the chord choices and melodies

good vocals

enjoyed the listen,

Posted by: RichMac

Re: On The Road - 12/20/17 06:50 PM

Enjoyed your song Herb and yes it feels a comfortable reminder of a great era.
"if we don't like it here we can move along". And we did.
Posted by: Jon Thomas

Re: On The Road - 12/21/17 02:51 AM

Very pleasant song, nice write, flawless production. As others have said, the mandolin is a nice touch. Nice job!
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: On The Road - 12/21/17 06:47 AM

Great work on this, Guitarhacker! It's an awesome write - just generally very catchy, and definitely an earworm. I wouldn't bat an eyelash if I heard this on the radio. Not to mention, the production here is seriously on point. You did a very, very good job.

Thanks so much for sharing smile
Posted by: Don Gaynor

Re: On The Road - 12/21/17 07:11 AM

Very nice throughout, Herb!
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: On The Road - 12/21/17 12:33 PM

Thanks to all who listened and commented...

Jon Thomas
Deryk-PG Staff

Thank each and every one of you for taking the time to listen and some very nice compliments in there too...
Posted by: RnAM

Re: On The Road - 12/23/17 02:16 PM

Excellent country tune indeed, Herb.
Professional all the way!

Rob and Anne-Marie
Posted by: optimus

Re: On The Road - 12/24/17 06:20 AM

Herb, It's good to see you back. Have missed you over on the SONAR forum. Anyway, another fine song.