celebrated love jam

Posted by: F.M.M.

celebrated love jam - 12/19/17 09:43 AM

hi guys this was created by biab and inported to samplitude all midi and one guitar track learning how to use this is a work in progress thanks for taking time to listen [Link no longer valid] C2_JOHN Style: Country 2006. This is a medium-tempo, swing 16th funky country style with an R&B feel.
The Drums play a funky 'skippy' groove playing the high hat on the A section an playing the ride cymbal on the B sections.
The Finger Electric Bass plays a funky push pull feel and the ElPian Electric Piano follows closely. The Detuned Drawbar Organ comps chords and plays bluesy, soulful fills. The Clean Electric Guitar plays a funky chop rhythm.

Tempo Range = 80-94 (88)
Posted by: sslechta

Re: celebrated love jam - 12/19/17 10:19 AM

Loved this jam sir. Very easy to listen to.
Posted by: PeterF

Re: celebrated love jam - 12/19/17 03:24 PM


Sounds good - enjoyable trademark playing.

Posted by: Al-David

Re: celebrated love jam - 12/21/17 10:46 PM

A real nice funky jam here, Eric. Love the bass and drums. And your guitar sounds as sweet as ever.

Really Really nice.

Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: celebrated love jam - 12/27/17 05:47 AM

Eric, nice little jam! Really like/appreciate the tone on that guitar! If you get a chance , I would love to see the signal chain/processing you use. Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: celebrated love jam - 12/29/17 02:40 PM

A funky jam indeed. Love the way you played over that rhythm.

Enjoyed it!