Spirits Of N'awlins

Posted by: Samuel Davis

Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/13/18 02:16 PM

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I'm doing another 5 songs in 5 days songwriting challenge. This was day 2. It's a little bluesy and I really like it so I thought I would share it here. Let me know what you think.

Real Tracks:
1546: Bass, Electric,Country Swing
673:Oragan, B3, Background Blues BB
2905:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Bright Bluesy Pop Colin
2687:Guitar, Electric, Soloist Blues Slow Even Brent Simple
RealDrums=Blues Rock Shuffle

In the city of N'awlins they say the spirits never sleep.
They all come out round midnight. By the Quarter's where they creep.
You can hear their gritty voices howling down to Canal Street.

On dark and foggy nights you can sometimes see their shadows
Strolling down an alley neath the iron streetlights' glow.
Their there and then there gone. Where they go nobody knows.

Some say that it’s the music. The sweet soul soothing jazz.
Or maybe it’s the hoodoo that keeps drawing them back.

If your ever in N'awlins. Best be careful where you go.
Wouldn’t want to wind up dead son. The city might just steal your soul.
And you’ll end up much like me. Just another ghost.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/14/18 07:14 AM

So cool Samuel. Loved the intro. My kind of tune. Excellent vocal and lyric. Backtrack was just excellent. Guitar solo was very sweet...
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/14/18 07:55 AM

Nice work on this one, Samuel smile Right off the bat, I love the bluesy groove here. You can definitely hear the "N'awlin's" influence here. There's lots of tiny details I've love here. The subtle organ adds a lot of character, and I don't think you could have chosen better drums.

Really well done! Thanks for sharing smile
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/14/18 09:08 AM

Really digging the vibe on this one! It pulls you in as soon as the song starts. It has this eerie, haunting feeling to it. Great job. grin
Posted by: GocartMoz

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/14/18 10:31 AM

Excellent bluesy feel to this. loved the lyric. For those that have been to NO, the lyric takes you right there to many meomories. Very well written. Loved the guitaring and nice smoky vocal. Excellent job. Enjoyed it.

Posted by: Samuel Davis

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/18/18 05:52 PM

Thanks everyone. I have a friend that is an accomplished blues musician. I've been helping him record his new album. He is going to re-record the vocals on this with his raspy voice and thick Cajun accent. If it comes out well it will go on his album. How cool!
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/19/18 01:16 PM

Yeah man, we like that! Better have your gris-gris close by smile

Well done and just dark enough to well set the scene.

And a fine vocal and mix.

Posted by: beatmaster

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/19/18 01:21 PM

Good stuff I liked the melody and the style.
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/19/18 03:49 PM

Very good groove- you put the right hoodoo in both lyrics and vocal.
Enjoyed the picture I got of the place.

Posted by: MarioD

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/19/18 04:50 PM

Samuel, you had me at the gig-go. Great vibe, vocals, lyrics and mix.

I like the blues and you did it justice on this!
Posted by: PeterF

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/20/18 03:23 PM


Really nice sound - liked the vocal and a good guitar break.
Nice work.

Posted by: HearToLearn

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 06/20/18 05:29 PM

Nice work Sam. There are different shades to any color. To me, this is dark blues. wink Great song and expression of it.

You set the bar pretty high on already on day 2. smile
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 07/02/18 09:57 AM

Cool song!! WOW, 5 songs in 5 days. Never done that! Really like the vibe you've captured here. Great work!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Icelander

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 08/20/18 02:27 PM

So very, very smmooooth....! cool
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Spirits Of N'awlins - 08/20/18 02:43 PM

Really nice Samuel.

I enjoyed the authentic grittiness of this, and the solid blues feel.

Good lyrics, very evocative. Will be interesting to hear the other person's take as well.

Great job man.