Guitar Pickin

Posted by: Tommyc

Guitar Pickin - 07/17/18 11:15 AM

Said Pickin
smile Having Fun, That's what it's all about for me!
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/17/18 11:41 AM

Hi Tommyc, Great work on this! I really enjoyed the overall pedal to the metal vibe of this. Very nicely layered instruments and the guitars, they sound very crunchy. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/17/18 11:43 AM

Hey Tommy,

That's some pretty cool messin' 'round! besides your guitar work, that organ and the drums are killer. Guitar sounding great! Love the driving beat. Some really terrific music here! Thanks for the listen - really enjoyed it!

Posted by: dcuny

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/17/18 11:58 AM

Originally Posted By: Tommyc
Having Fun, That's what it's all about for me!

It certainly sounded like you were having fun! laugh
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/17/18 02:11 PM

Rad guitar playing, as usual! Really awesome job. Sometimes having fun is all you need. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/18/18 07:45 AM

What a tune! You can literally tell how much fun you had playing this. That groove is wicked, and playing on here is top notch.

Great work - thanks so much for sharing smile
Posted by: beatmaster

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/18/18 07:55 AM

good fun well dun I'm a poet and I don't even noet.

Enjoyed my listen.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/18/18 04:58 PM

Some sweet playing Tommy
Posted by: Tommyc

Re: Guitar Pickin - 07/19/18 06:06 AM

Thanks Yall! smile