Ray Thigpen song

Posted by: occ

Ray Thigpen song - 08/20/18 02:26 PM

I posted this on the off topic forun but was told I need to post it on the user forum. This is a song written by Ray a few years ago. He passed away a few years ago and I was wondering if people still remember him. The song was written by Ray and sung by me. The name of the song is "After all these years". occ
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Ray Thigpen song - 08/20/18 02:37 PM

Hi OCC..gentle and pleasing ballad. I'd be interested in knowing what elements are live vs. BIAB.

I liked the way the chorus kicked in, and your vocal was perfect!

Very enjoyable, and a nice tribute to a departed BIAB friend.
Posted by: occ

Re: Ray Thigpen song - 08/20/18 02:52 PM

I don't remember what was BIAB and what was live. The piano part I know was Ray playing and I think someone on the forum played guitar. Thanks for the kind words. occ
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Ray Thigpen song - 08/23/18 11:42 AM

I think I remember Ray. This is a really pretty traditional country song!! Very nice vocal and arrangement. Great job!! Take care. Greg