The Blue Horizon

Posted by: Strat1958

The Blue Horizon - 09/11/18 12:02 PM

Hi everyone - brand new member, just started posting today.

I downloaded BIAB yesterday and I'm really looking forward to getting to know it. Exploring the possibilities this morning, I am blown away by the horsepower in this software.

The song in this post was not created with BIAB (hope that's ok - I will certainly post new songs as they are created), but it has an interesting story behind it.

While searching for inspiration one cold and rainy day in Vancouver, Canada, my Windows computer froze. While rebooting, the desktop picture of the little island in a turquoise sea with a lone palm tree came up. On that dreary day, it was just what I needed.

I imagined a storyline of sailing through the Caribbean, heading for that blue horizon. To use a cliche...the song almost wrote itself.


I recorded it, using a chord-building website to get a bass/drums/keys backing track, and I put in my own guitar parts. Posted it up on SoundClick, and got a lot of nice comments and a few downloads.

But then, someone in Australia asked me if he could re-record it. Sure, why not? It's all in good fun. He did a great job, but I was blown away by his backing track and female background singers!

I asked him to email the backing track to me so I could put a vocal on it.

This is the result:

Hope y'all like it.

Oh - by the way. We no longer live in cold and grey Vancouver. We live in The Bahamas.

All you gotta do is dream.....
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/11/18 12:28 PM

A nice song, Mike. It is nicely put together and your vocals are good.

Welcome to the Showcase. Look forward to what you will do with BIAB...

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/12/18 11:38 AM

Cool, laid-back, happy tune!! Welcome to the forum Mike! This has very much of a Lennon feel (I'm a huge Beatles fan).....would have fit right in on the Double Fantasy album. Great job!! Keep posting! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Scott C

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/12/18 05:17 PM

Very cool tune. Super vocal. Welcome to the forum. Cool guitar tone
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/13/18 07:56 AM

Wow - what a tune! The lyrics really really got me - they are so vivid, and really painted a picture in my head. That aside, the progressions are wonderful and your vocals are strong and memorable.

Overall a fantastic tune - thanks for sharing smile
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/13/18 03:28 PM

Welcome to the forum! We hope you enjoy chatting with everyone here on the forums!
Posted by: Island Soul

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/13/18 06:03 PM

Needs a steel pan player lol. Great song.
Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/15/18 01:40 PM

Welcome Mike! That was a nice smooth tune and a great first post! Great job on the vocals! Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: Strat1958

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/19/18 03:01 AM

Massive thanks to all who gave my little tune a spin. I appreciate your kind comments very much smile
Posted by: beatmaster

Re: The Blue Horizon - 09/19/18 04:04 AM


Liked this a lot, nice voice hope to hear more now you have the Band,,!