Heart Break #3

Posted by: cliftond

Heart Break #3 - 09/25/18 07:59 PM

This is a cowrite with my good friend John Delk, he has some great songs that he allowed Corey and I to record. THis is a different take than John had originally wrote, hope he likes it. It is different territory for us also. Started as a country song now i have a hard time figuring what it is. Enjoy Cliff BIAB was drums, bass,piano. It gave me the groove for sure.
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Posted by: PeterF

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/25/18 08:38 PM


A nice jangly country rock tune with some tasteful playing. A good set of lyrics and nice vocals and harmonies.
Thoroughly enjoyable.

Posted by: Tangmo

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/25/18 09:05 PM

Very nice! Has some south-of-the-border. Tejana, maybe? Don't know the word, but that's the flavor I get. Lovely guitar licks and a sweet, dusty voice delivering a well-wrought lyric. Much enjoyed.
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 07:34 AM

Thank You Peter, glad you enjoyed it!!! Cliff
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 08:27 AM

Really nice work on this smile It has a nice, smooth yet rough around the edges feel to it. Some really nice playing here, and I thought the vocals fit impeccably too, and the lyrics helped it along great as well.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 08:35 AM

Hey Clifton,

A great solid song.

I really love that guitar!

The hook is pure country. Great job!
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 08:38 AM


We like the, as Peter said, jangly guitar -- gives it a slight Byrds hint.

Well done!


PS Hey, if you don't know what to call it then it's Americana smile
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 09:20 AM

I really like that this song had a bit of roughness to it. It made the song feel incredibly genuine. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 11:21 AM

Cliff (& friends),

A good listen. Loved the title!

As Bud noted it has a Byrds flavor - or even a bit of Mavericks...

Gets ya singing along by the end...

Posted by: Scott C

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 04:35 PM

What a cool back track, vocal and harmonies. Well done. Really loved your guitar work. Excellent tone.
Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/26/18 04:53 PM

Another great tune from you Clifton! To me it's a mix of Dwight Yoakam-Jimmy Buffet-Dire Straits and it is highly enjoyable! Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/27/18 02:14 PM

Thanks Tangmo, yeah after reading some of the comments it does have a mavericks flavor there. Thank You!!!
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 09/27/18 02:17 PM

Thank You Deryk, I always appreciate your feed back. THis started as a country song that my friend John Delk was writing, but, when i started playing the guitar thru my amp and had BIAB style going, it just went in its own direction, and I felt it strongly, epecially my my my HA, I think that may be the best part of the song, and the Knople guitar licks. Cliff
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/01/18 12:49 PM

Thank You David, guitar and amps is my thang!!!
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/01/18 12:50 PM

Thanks J & B, Jangly, anything I can play on elec thru amp is awesome to me!!!
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 06:51 AM

Very nice, well-written, especially the chorus is extremely catchy.

Clifford, I love your voice and your cool singing style. And, yes, the guitar sound is great.
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 09:38 AM

Hey there cliftond, Fantastic choice of instrumentation on this. The arrangement is wonderful to the ears and a solid key signature choice. That guitar tone is very warm! Great work on the vocals too. Well done!
Posted by: 44kfl

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 09:45 AM

Cool song!

nice groove, good flow, rough edges (which I like!)

enjoyed the listen,

Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 03:02 PM

Thank you Ember, yes I guess it has some rough edges kind of like me Ha!!! clIFF
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 03:04 PM

Thanks for the listen Floyd, Mavericks, might be, catchy enough to sing along to. excellent!!!! Cliff
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/02/18 03:05 PM

THanks Scott, I love your guitar work, so this is a big atta boy for me!!! Cliff
Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/03/18 09:39 AM

Very cool song idea with a catchy chorus and a warm live sounding performance. Singalong good.
Excellent vocals and harmonies!

Posted by: cliftond

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/04/18 04:46 PM

Thank you Torey i apreciate your comments!! Cliff
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/04/18 05:01 PM

Cliff and John,

Now that was a good listen! As others have already mentioned there is definitely a Byrds flavour to this. Like floyd, I think this is such a great title.

All the best to you both,
Posted by: Sundance

Re: Heart Break #3 - 10/04/18 07:10 PM

Your vocal style/tone reminds me of TG Shepperd.

Liked the song, catchy chorus and really enjoyed my listen. That touch of latin vibe is tasty song spice.