A Wake Up Call

Posted by: Richard Persike

A Wake Up Call - 12/06/18 07:01 AM

This is a song I wrote recently. It's called "A Wake Up Call.

Reno Rendezvous YouTube Channel

Style-12STACS-slow 12 string accoustic guitar w/band
Only drums and bass used
Drums-NashvilleEven8>5-HiHat, Ride
Bass-700-Electric, PopHalfNotesPush, Ev 085

Used Studio One 3.5 Artist to record and produce

All guitars and vocal parts by me
Posted by: cliftond

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/06/18 08:28 AM

Excellent song pwerful message

Posted by: bluage

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/09/18 01:41 PM

Dear Mr. Persike...

I have to confess that when I saw your post, I "passed" on it because I was afraid that your "message" would be political, and that if I disagreed with its content, I'd be in the difficult position of possibly being angered by your political point-of-view while nonetheless approving of your musicianship and songwriting skills which, once I made-up my mind to go ahead and take the risk of listening to your song, I have to say are excellent, and on both accounts.

Let me tell you unequivocally that I am in total, absolute agreement with the lyrical content of your song, "A Wake-up Call". Regardless of whether or not any of us agree, or disagree, with the consensus of the scientific community concerning climate change, that fact that won't go away is that something seriously worrisome is happening to our planet that needs to be addressed regardless of what is causing the change in the weather.

Your lyrics are bold, frank, up-front-and-personal, confrontational, and urgent. I am a born optimist who can't help but see true and everlasting beauty in people no matter what they believe in, in our Mother Nature, in the cosmos. But, because of the things I am observing going on climatically on this only planet we have, Earth, I have become literally afraid to think about whether or not us Earthlings are going to survive what I believe is a rapidly escalating environmental problem that threatens our collective existence.

I manage apartment properties. At one of the three properties I manage, we are about to lose the recycling carts because some of our residents, and possibly non-residents, are depositing things into the recycling carts that should not be dumped there, so the waste management company that services the property is going to remove the recycling carts and replace them with extra garbage dumpsters because they are tired of repeating the rules to us!

Do I need to go into how and why this is the wrong way to to go??? It should be obvious why recycling is the better option environmentally-speaking for salvaging some waste products that could be re-used, but what do you do with people who are too lazy to segregate trash from recyclable materials???

Anyway, for the second time in two weeks I have posted what many User's Forum participants would describe as a "rant". To them I say humbly that I'm sorry for spoiling the pleasure they experience in listening to each other's musical productions without injecting content that is explicitly outside the musical sphere of their interaction.

Nonetheless, I must commit to enthusiastically applauding your post, "A Wake-up Call", because I feel that it needs to be heard so that we can act collectively to avert a possible global disaster.

Most sincerely & respectfully,

LOREN (a.k.a. "bluage")
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/09/18 02:09 PM

Great song with an important message. Would like to hear some delay on the vocals. Nicely Done. Rob
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/10/18 12:01 PM

Nicely done!! I live in northern California, and I'm guessing maybe you do also? The fires have been devastating. Good job on the song! Welcome to the forum!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Scott C

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/11/18 03:46 AM

Excellent song. Super vocal and lyric.
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/16/18 09:36 AM


not one wrong or superfluous word in these great and important lyrics. Thanks for writing and sharing - I do hope that many people will have the chance to listen to it.

But isn't it a shame that songs like this have to be sung after all ?

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2019.

Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/18/18 03:23 PM

Loren said it all.

We could not agree more.

Never has it been more important to leave the world a better place than you found it.

Thanks for posting this!

Posted by: Jim

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/20/18 04:31 PM

A marvelous song & video with very pressing message...
Enjoyed the listen.
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/20/18 04:59 PM

Nice work on this Richard! Really dig the overall timbres in this. Well done!
Posted by: rayc

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/20/18 06:43 PM

Well written lyric - accepts responsibility for damage as part of the human race and makes the case for that same mob to fix things.
It's a solid song when the band rolls in.
Posted by: musician17

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/21/18 12:30 PM

Beautiful! Bravo!
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: A Wake Up Call - 12/28/18 06:51 AM

Excellent song, sung with direct personal energy...nothing but sincerity here.
I think the simple, basic arrangement was appropriate for the folk-Type style..and your lyric is well written, and well sung/performed.

I liked the jarring end, visually and musically.

Thanks for posting!