Give My Love To You

Posted by: Mark K

Give My Love To You - 12/27/18 12:54 PM

Give My Love To You

I'm back at writing/producing songs again after a several month hiatus (home repair/remodeling, summer outdoor activities, health issues, ...) Song is produced in Studio 1 with BIAB guitar parts, synthesized lead vocals, ad-lib vocals from Studio 1 sound bank. For genre, I would call it "Nu-Disco".

RealTracks Used:
2618 - Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Funk16thsMutedWahWah Ev16
1400 - Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Soul70sBrightSteady Ev16

Real tracks original tempo of 100 BPM converted nicely to my song's 125 BPM tempo.
Posted by: Tano Music

Re: Give My Love To You - 12/28/18 06:40 AM

Mark, a cool little track!
It had kind of a pristine “cleanness” to it that I liked.
I don’t think I understood a single word of the vocal, but I actually felt that it added to a kind of mystique that was appealing, and suited the synth nature of the vocal.
I really liked the repeated theme phrase...simple but effective and catchy.

Thanks for posting your work!
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Give My Love To You - 12/28/18 07:09 AM

We agree with the above "pristine cleanness" comment.

It sparkled on our monitors and had a lot of "pop" to it.

Genre wise...disco or Nu-Disco is not something we are knowledgeable about but the mix sounds excellent and it is an interesting and effective blend of your tracks and RT's

Well done!