Posted by: cubanpete

Africando - 02/11/19 05:56 PM

Hello there! I'm back after been sampling and auditioning the new styles and sounds of the new 2019 BB version. At this time though, I'm posting a pre 2019 version tune I was working on at the end of the year. Hope you all like it.
Style is AFRO2SW1.STY (Afro to Swing 1 - 12/8 Afro to S)
BassCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
DrumsCustom Synth is Synth/Plugin Loaded
PianoCustom Synth is Hi-Q 001 01 Piano, Acoustic, Grand Sforzando.tgs
Style MIDI Instruments are : Acoustic String Bass (33), Acoustic Piano (1),
MIDI SuperTracks in song: ~~1896:Piano, Rhythm Jazz Sw 110
RealTracks in song: 3029:Sax, Alto, Soloist CroonerBigBandShoutAlto1 Sw 110 (1TrackHornSection)
RealTracks in song: 3034:Trumpet, Soloist CroonerBigBandShoutTpt1 Sw 110 (1TrackHornSection)
RealTracks in song: 2977:Horn Section, Soloist CroonerBigBandShoutChorus11-Part Sw 110
MIDI Drums :33Jazz Drums (33

Mike B.
Posted by: Will Josef

Re: Africando - 02/11/19 06:05 PM

Cool track! Good to hear a new song from you (maybe I am wrong but I think it is quite a while since you posted here?)

I like the style of music and your choices of RealTracks. Well done!

Posted by: Jim

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 03:58 AM

A pleasant laid back sounding number...
Its a good way to start a day...
Posted by: furry

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 04:28 AM

Quality production, nicely done Mike
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 08:04 AM

Man, we always love a swing and this one is wonderful!!

Well done...

Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 08:09 AM

Nice work, Mike smile Love the groove, and the mix on this is top notch. It flows tremendously well too. Very relaxing, and easy on the ears which I liked. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 09:26 AM

Hi Mike,

this is VERY enjoyable! An awesome arrangement, caught me completely on all levels. Really love it a lot.


Posted by: Scott C

Re: Africando - 02/12/19 06:26 PM

Very cool song Mike. Loved the way the horn section jumps in. Makes you want to sit up straight when listening. Well done...
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Africando - 02/13/19 07:47 AM

Thanks Will, Jim, Graham, J&B, Deryk Stefan and Scott for taking the time to listen and nice comments. More to come.

Mike B.
Posted by: tommyad

Re: Africando - 02/14/19 05:36 AM

Mike, I always expect a great arrangement and production from you and this one lives up my expectations. You get the most out of the real tracks and definitely post some of the best jazz tracks on the forum. Excellent listen, Tom
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Africando - 02/14/19 03:18 PM

Nice flow. Musically interesting. I imagine a private detective lurking through the empty streets at night as I listened to this.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Africando - 02/16/19 06:11 AM

Thanks Tommy and Ezekiel for the nice comments.

Mike B.
Posted by: Torrey Bliss

Re: Africando - 02/16/19 03:34 PM

Very nice Mike! Awesome sounds galore here! A highly enjoyable swing Jazz tune! Mix sounds beautiful! Thanks, Torrey
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Africando - 02/16/19 04:49 PM

Nice one Cubanpete! Really dig the overall vibe to this one. That sax is a great touch!
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Africando - 02/16/19 10:05 PM


This is such an inspiring listen!

You've picked and a terrific ensemble of Realtracks and your arrangement is really well done. You've definitely got the knack for this kind of jazz.... very impressive work! I tip my hat to you... this was a wonderful listen.

All the best,
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Africando - 02/17/19 03:33 PM

Really enjoyed your use of RealTracks! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Africando - 02/22/19 05:58 PM

Very cool stuff Mike!! Fantastic music, sound, and mix!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Africando - 02/25/19 08:54 AM

Thanks Torrey, Joe, Noel, Ember and Greg for the nice comments. I'm glad you all liked it.

Mike B.