Lullaby for Evelyn

Posted by: Phil Leith

Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/03/19 05:56 PM

Lullaby for Evelyn

Over the holidays I was sitting watching our baby granddaughter, trying to entertain her with my guitar, and this little pattern picking ditty came out of my noodling. It had no words. I just called it "Evelyn's Song".

But a week or so later I did come up with some words.

A week or so ago I had a solo babysitting gig with Trenton (her big brother) and Evelyn and I got to sing her to sleep with this at bedtime, standing in their dimly lit living room, just rocking back and forth. So she's heard it. :-)

Took me a while to get around to putting it all together. For one thing, it's one thing to play a ditty on a guitar, it's another one to get it squared away and played in time so that we can add other instruments. Turns out you have to be, you know ... good -- to do stuff like that. So I had to get better at the ditty.

I did. And I figured maybe I ought to record it while she's still a baby. :-) The other two have grown grand kids have grown so fast.

Kind of leaving this one a bit plain and raw for intimacy's sake. It is heartfelt.

So me on the fingerpicking. I added a shaker, bass, and very VERY quiet piano. I edited the shaker/conga track and took out the congas. I just wanted shakers.

****** Song Summary *************
Title: Lullaby for Evelyn
File:Lullaby for Evelyn.SGU

Style is _REMIND.STY (Reminds Me Folk Ballad)

RealTracks in style: ~~2478:Bass, Acoustic, Held Ev 110
RealTracks in style: 2917:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryFolk8thsMike Ev 085
RealDrums [in Song:ShakerEven8ths: a: Shaker b: ShakerEven8ths
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/03/19 11:05 PM

Hi Phil,
This a very nice lullaby with a hypnotic sweetness.
Simple but effective and touching.
Posted by: Jim

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/04/19 09:56 AM

A very nice little lullaby for your granddaughter...
That's one of the nice things about the digital age...
We have tools to capture the images & sounds of our children as they grow up...
Mine often enjoy getting on my computer just to peruse the history & songs I've categorized throughout their lifetimes...
It was work but now they can go back to their birth & see what they were doing each month through the years...
And hear the songs I sung to them... like "A Your Adorable", "Baby Face", etc.
Posted by: jannesan

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/04/19 10:38 AM

Simple but effective lullaby, although I didn't fall asleep wink I could imagine this been played in a western movie at a campfire. Great playing and vocals. Good that you mentioned that piano is mixed very low, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed it.

Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/04/19 12:28 PM

Hey there Phil, fantastic choice of instrumentation on this. The arrangement is wonderful to the ears and the vibe is very appealing. Very pretty sounding. Well done!
Posted by: Tangmo

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/04/19 11:56 PM

Extra fine lullaby quality. I liked how the simple melody repeated over different changes. Mix sounds very warm and intimate.
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/05/19 12:28 AM

Nice work Phil. Also good work on the production. Rob
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/05/19 05:39 AM


A really sweet lullaby. Well recorded - the vocal sounds terrific. And a nice mix.

Well done.

Posted by: Al-David

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/05/19 05:48 AM

Hi Phil ...

Sweet is an often over-used word, but I think it applies in spades here. What a beautiful tune for her listen to when she's a bit older. Nice done - perfect mix. wishing you the best ...


PS: I was in your neighborhood on Tuesday and Wednesday - Jefferson City and Bloomfield. My former wife passed away and I had some legal matters to tend to.
Posted by: Al-David

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/05/19 05:50 AM

Deleted - double post. Duh!!!
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/05/19 08:29 AM

Cool inspiration for the song. Nothing more special that watching your granddaughter grow up filled with special moments like this. Loved the song..
Posted by: Phil Leith

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/06/19 07:29 AM

Why thanks, everyone! Just wanted to share it. Yup, Lullabies are simple by their nature, and if they're not sweet, especially if you wrote it for your own children or grandchildren, you probably need to go get some help :-D
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/06/19 03:42 PM

This is such a cute lullaby! Thanks for sharing the story of its creation with us!
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/11/19 09:07 AM

What a sweet tribute to your grand daughter smile A really lovely tune for sure. Nice and easy on the ears, and very pretty and delicate.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/11/19 10:42 AM

That is simply wonderful and something that can pass down through your family's generations.

We enjoyed everything about the production!

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Lullaby for Evelyn - 04/16/19 09:36 AM

WOW, beautifully done!! Nice sentiment, lovely music, and a GREAT vocal! Love this!! Take care. Greg