Custom Fit

Posted by: TuneMonger

Custom Fit - 04/09/19 11:24 AM

Thanks again to all for the great welcome and comments. I'm trying to listen and comment on the other great tracks here. In time, I hope to hear them all. Here's another, called "Custom Fit." It's early rock and roll.

bass:2356 piano: 2353 guitar: 1696 sax: 2134 Stephane again on vox


I got me a '57 Chevy it's a candy apple treat for the eyes,
Cragar chrome mags on all four wheels, competition tires that'll really squeal,
Custom spoke steering wheel, Hurst with a velvet feel comin' up outta the floor,
Roll and pleat interior, fuzzy dice mirror, making the other guys sore,
But the best part in it is my girl Willamina, she makes my engine roar
(Because now) My baby is a custom fit uh-huh-huh
My baby is a custom fit
My baby is a custom fit.

I saw her in a malt shoppe bopping to a jukebox playing the blues,
I knew she was made for my bucket seat, sliding right in and looking so sweet,
There ain't nothing better than a girl in a sweater and her pedal pushers down to the floor,
Other guys eyes pop, traffic hits a dead stop, staring through the passenger door,
Your car might be fast but buddy step on the gas, 'cause I got one thing more,
(You see now) My baby is a custom fit (repeat chorus)

You might be the quarter mile master with a trophy case full to the brim,
You might be a show circuit bragger, cruising the strip with a mechanized swagger,
Fire road Picasso, road trip Romeo, Poker run champ of the school,
Demolition derby king, surf wagon darling, boss of the midnight duel,
It all sounds fine you all get in line to see who made James Dean drool,
(She's mine oh mine) My baby is a custom fit (repeat chorus)
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Custom Fit - 04/09/19 12:09 PM

Nice vintage vibe tune.
Great vocals & production! Clever lyrics
To my ear, everything is very clean, except maybe sax is a little dry, but that is personal preference smile

Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: Jim

Re: Custom Fit - 04/09/19 03:22 PM

Good rocking tune...
I imagine if Penniman had recorded it, he would have definitely torn it up...
This lyrical images of this tune also make it to be a good candidate for a video...
I like it... Good job!
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Custom Fit - 04/09/19 03:32 PM

Good job on this. I like where you song writing is heading. Great effort on the vocals. Rob
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Custom Fit - 04/09/19 05:07 PM

This song had a lot of energy. It kinda reminded me a little bit of the Grease era of music. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by: Deej56

Re: Custom Fit - 04/09/19 09:56 PM


Well, that’s some old time rock and roll right there. Great vibe, terrific vocal. The sax solo is the perfect choice. And the lyrics are creative and embody the soul of the song. Liked this one a whole lot. Very cool!

All the best,

Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Custom Fit - 04/10/19 05:12 AM


A top-notch Rock'n'Roll (in the "early" sense of the word) write. Actually, way better than 99% of the writing of that era - much more "sophisticated".

A killer vocal!

The mix is very good. Reminiscent of the era, as well. Part of which would include the hard-panned piano (For a more "modern" interpretation - which I think this song deserves - as good as it is - pianos are typically spread across the stereo field - "centered" with a sense that the bass side is from one speaker and the treble side from the other. That piano is so amazingly good, I would have liked to hear it slightly louder, too... All just "personal preference", of course).

This is good stuff!!


(Thanks for the nice note on "Raining Whiskey". Because it is an "old song", - bumped by further comments, after it seemed "done", I won't respond in the thread which would bump it further... I try to have a single song "active" at a time. Just a fluke that I more than that at the moment...)
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Custom Fit - 04/10/19 07:36 AM

Hello TuneMonger, I admired the overall vibe on this. This sounds very full and I dig the overall timbres. Great effects on the vocals. Well done!
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Custom Fit - 04/10/19 11:30 AM

What a tune! Love the throwback style on this. Reminds of something from the 50's or early 60's. The groove is insane, and the vocals are top notch. I can imagine this filling a dancefloor in second flat.

Thanks for sharing smile
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Custom Fit - 04/11/19 07:58 AM

Well done all around and a nice tribute to the era. I (Bud) learned to drive in '62 on the family 57 chevy.

The write nails that period with the imagery albeit it more sophisticated (as floyd alluded to) but not stilted at all.

Great vocals and sax also.

Love it!!

Posted by: rayc

Re: Custom Fit - 04/12/19 12:51 AM

Everything to love.
the cymbals seem sizzly as well as all on one side of the stereo image.
It might help to reduce compression on the drums and notch away some sizzle with EQ AND narrow the stereo image if it's a BIAB RD file - if it's not BIAB then you can/ought readjust the drum mix.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Custom Fit - 04/14/19 09:34 AM

Back for another listen...super cool!

Posted by: Al-David

Re: Custom Fit - 04/14/19 12:58 PM

Hey TM ...

This is really cool. You caught the true aura of the era ... just with better production. Love the driving piano ... wish it were a tad louder. This is what music of that era would have sounded like with better production. You nailed it! Loved every second of my listen! Best to you ...

Posted by: TuneMonger

Re: Custom Fit - 04/14/19 05:15 PM

Thanks to all for kind comments and constructive criticism. I really don't know much about production so I appreciate any ideas to make my stuff better. One area I could really use help with is endings. I always thought that was a weakness of BIAB, maybe I'm wrong about that. If so, I guess I should go ask over in the recording forum?
Posted by: olemon

Re: Custom Fit - 04/15/19 05:17 AM

That's a keeper. Are those RD's or are they recorded live or what? They're perfect. You said you don't know much about production, but my ears disagree. This is very good.

Endings. Yeah, they can be...awkward. You have to find the right style and there are some ending options (2-bar, 4-bar) which I don't claim to completely understand. FJ gave me a good tip. Build an 8-bar song, for example, and audition styles until you find the one that works with your tune and has the proper ending.
Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Custom Fit - 04/16/19 10:20 AM

Nicely done in every way!! Love the sound of the band and the vocal, and the write is really strong!! A winner in every way!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: rsdean

Re: Custom Fit - 04/16/19 11:36 AM


This is great! Love the song, vocal and production.

Excellent in every way and very enjoyable!

Posted by: Scott C

Re: Custom Fit - 04/17/19 04:00 AM

Awesome tune. Real toe tapper. Gets the blood flowing. Super vocal the band was stellar. Loved the sax... Well done