Song List Available Free

Posted by: BuckNorrisMusic

Song List Available Free - 06/24/19 06:14 AM

I have a song list I have compiled over the years. It has 752 songs in it with the following features:

1. 752 songs with Chords, Lyrics, and BB Style and Tempo. Songs are mainly older traditional Country.
2. List is in PDF format. Anyone can read it.
3. The Title page has the following links:
a. To the latest version of my PDF song list.
b. To the MP3 Copies of the matching backing tracks.
c. To the BIB version of the backing tracks (SGU).
d. To a copy of my BIB Styles used for backing tracks. sty and stx.

Link is below:

Song List PDF file
Posted by: cliftond

Re: Song List Available Free - 06/24/19 07:57 AM

Thank You Buck, I can see all the work you have done here, and so glad you shared this!!!! Cliff
Posted by: BuckNorrisMusic

Re: Song List Available Free - 06/24/19 08:07 AM

You welcome. It was a lot of work but a lot of joy. And, a joy to share.
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Song List Available Free - 06/27/19 04:52 PM

Wow - thanks so much for the share! You really went above and beyond smile