Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj

Posted by: edshaw

Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/01/19 08:55 AM

Some have pointed out the 56k MP3 conversion didn't cut it.
It's a decent tune. Here's a WAV remix. Sorry, I realized after posting I had only thought I had cut the length down to :03:10


Gospel Blues in Cmaj WAV
Posted by: Jim

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/01/19 02:37 PM

I was going to compare it to your original...
But I guess you removed it (404 Error)...
IMHO... You don't have to upload a wave file unless thats what you want...
Though a 56k MP3 is a pretty low ,,,
A 160k or 192k MP3 should yield sufficient sound quality at a lower file size.
Posted by: edshaw

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/01/19 06:22 PM

Yeah, I did remove it, Jim. My bad, but really did sound terrible. That has a limit. The version on there now is 256 bit MP3 and under the limit. It is a good site to pass tracks around among friends.
Posted by: Rustyspoon#

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/01/19 06:35 PM

yes! Sounds clear and full! Very nice and enjoyable blues tune indeed!

Thank you for sharing!

P.S. I would stay at a minimum of 256k MP3 to retain quality.

Posted by: rayc

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/02/19 03:44 AM

Def better. To be honest, in this age of FLAC et al I won't listen to less that a 320 if I have a choice.
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/03/19 07:48 AM

Nicely done - really calming to the ears. Nice and peaceful, and the format of this one is nicer as others pointed out. You should be proud of this one smile

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/03/19 10:56 AM

Much better. I always upload as good a quality wav file as I can, and let Soundcloud do the conversion. Just make sure there is no digital clipping in the wav file. Soundcloud will compress it and adjust the volume to their standards, so it's better to have the overall volume not too hot. I am usually fairly happy with the results from Soundcloud.

This version sounds much better, and more clear. I enjoyed it!

Posted by: dcuny

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/03/19 01:16 PM

Nice listen! Pleasant background music for a summer day.
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Remix -- Gospel Blues in Cmaj - 07/04/19 02:40 PM

SC and others recommending loading a .wav for the best sound following the run through their compression algorithms. FWIW that's what we've uploaded for many years.

This is very nice and many apologies for missing it the first time around. Man, there are a LOT of songs being posted!

We love the blues so this was right in our wheelhouse!