Cinnamon Tree

Posted by: David Snyder

Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 08:15 AM

Just going for something whimsical.


I am enjoying my journey through the 2019 Real Sets. Got stuck at 317 "Guitar and Piano for Songwriters." I was shooting for a simple sound and purity in the mix on this one--used the Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Plugin (love it) on Instrument Bus and Drum bus, with final polish in Ozone.



Adam and Eve
In the garden of Eden
Walked near a Cinnamon Tree
Adam said Eve
Now look what we’ve done
I guess we’ll have to live free
Eve said to Adam
Just take my hand
Cause I’m just a woman
And you’re just a man
We’ll drive ‘cross this earth
Find our own promised land
Cause we’re doing the best that we can


So they rolled down the windows
Held hands in the dark
Drove ‘cross the world
With a wide open heart
They made love in the meadows
And slept by the sea
And kissed ‘neath a cinnamon tree
Yeah they kissed ‘neath a cinnamon tree
a cinnamon tree


Now there’s lovers from Asheville
And Asbury Park
Searching for faith
But it’s a shot in the dark
Cause you are what you are
And it’s all you can be
When you know that you have to live free


So let's roll down the windows
Hold hands in the dark
Drive ‘cross the world
With a wide open heart
Make love in the meadows
And sleep by the sea
Just like Adam and Eve
We’ll kiss ‘neath that cinnamon tree



All Words and Music Copyright David Snyder 2019
ASCAP/Day of Faith Records

Performed by David Snyder

Style is _SINNER.STY (Sinner 6-8 Folk)

RealTracks in style: 533:Bass, Electric, 12-8 Crystal Sw 065
RealTracks in style: 3055:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Folky68Mike Sw 050
RealTracks in style: 3054:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Folky68Brent Sw 050
RealTracks in style: 2876:Fiddle, Background AmericanaSlow128Andy Sw 040
RealDrums [in style:AmericanaSlow128^02-a:Kick Snare, b:Ride Snare
Posted by: Ezekiel's Storm

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 10:07 AM

This is a clever idea for a song. I wish I woulda thunk it. Lyrics and music flow nicely from verse to chorus--I especially like the change in the last chorus. It gives a completion to the song.
Posted by: Jim

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 11:48 AM

Nicely done...
Extremely creative lyrics that flow very well throughout the song...
Enjoyed the listen to your creativity.
Posted by: Guitarhacker

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 11:59 AM

Nice job. I like the tracks you used.... nice and full but simple.

Channeling Dylan again.... ?

I like it.

Sounds like you're starting to get your vocals dialed in a bit.
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 02:13 PM

Very nicely done, David smile Loving the lyrics on this. They are really unique, clever, and definitely memorable. That aside, your vocals are top notch as always and the chorus is nice and powerful. Definitely picking up the Dylan influence on this one, which is never a bad thing by me.

Great work, and thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 02:37 PM

Man oh man, what a fascinating write!

Great performance and very nice "band" you put together.

And the fine mix iced it all!

Enjoyed the listens!


PS Love in the intro
Posted by: PeterF

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 02:54 PM


Excellent work on this, one of your best vocals and a strong set of lyrics.
It was also immediately engaging and nicely familiar.

Very well done.

Posted by: Robertkc

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 05:51 PM

From Eden to Asbury Park with a sweet message and rolling music... had me swaying.
Really enjoyed the lyrics and everything on vocals/backing/mix sounds just right.
Very good!

Posted by: rayc

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 06:35 PM

Issuing a different Cinnamon Challenge.
The vocal intro gave an impression of impending strut R.O.C.K. nice touch to confound expectations.
Really enjoyable narrative.
Posted by: Tangmo

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/12/19 11:50 PM

Had a hankering for something simple. A well-writ little song with some big ideas tucked into the twang and that time sig. Very satisfying.

As a side note: I'm glad they didn't make love in a Cinnabon in the airport waiting for a flight between Asheville and Asbury Park. They's people tryin' to eat.
Posted by: BlueAttitude

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/13/19 03:42 AM

Hi David,

It's been a while since you posted a song, but man, this was worth the wait! Great intro, excellent writing, and possibly your best vocal yet.

People have mentioned Dylan, I'm hearing some Springsteen vibes happening also.

Very, very good!
Posted by: floyd jane

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/13/19 07:19 AM

Good one, David.

Everything works. Good band. Good write. Nice mix.

A good flow to the listen...

Posted by: Greg Johnson

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/13/19 11:48 AM

Hi David!! Good to see you back!! Really like this.....has a great rhythmic drive and some wonderfully creative DS lyrics!! I have a question. The style is SINNER. I was curious if you just liked "the band" in the PG demo, and that word was the trigger for this creative tune. Kind of a shot in the dark but then again: Is there really such thing as coincidence? Really nice work David!! Take care. Greg
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/13/19 03:39 PM

Fantastic as always David! The vocals harmonize well with the other instruments. Great work!
Posted by: dcuny

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/13/19 09:23 PM

I agree with everyone.

Clever write. Fun song.

Style is _SINNER.STY

Hrm... I don't seem to have that one on my list. wink

I guess you take inspiration from wherever you find it!
Posted by: DeaconBlues09

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 12:24 AM

Love how the stately and measured pacing of the instruments couple with the the spirited and emotive lyrics and vocals on this track.

Well done, David!
Posted by: edshaw

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 04:24 AM

Agree. Well done, David. A thought provoking lyric, too, with respect to living free.
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 03:35 PM

Thanks Ezekiel,

Glad you liked it man!

Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 03:35 PM

Thanks Jim!
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 03:36 PM

Thanks Herb!

Always channeling Bob.

Never turn it off.

Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 03:53 PM

Love this.
Very well done David.
Posted by: Scott C

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/14/19 05:21 PM

Very cool intro David. I agree this is one of your best vocals. Loved this tune. Well done David
Posted by: David Snyder

Re: Cinnamon Tree - 07/15/19 01:22 PM

Thanks Deryk! Very kind of you to say!