Bossa légère

Posted by: Chris37

Bossa légère - 07/12/19 12:02 PM

Hi all, Here's a french song.
This bossa doesn't want to become a samba !
Patrick Fournerat has written the lyrics and he sings.

Here's an approximate translation :

This is a light bossa
carried by the sea breeze.
She seemed to come from afar
like a scent of sea air.

I will dance with strings
if I can tune up.
I will be a tightrope walker
on my guitar neck.
Bossa will get out of my fingers.

I found her indolent.
Her melody is mesmerizing
but something was wrong.
The tempo was too slow.

I told her, "Speed up! ".
But with her temperament,
she does not tolerate
to be compared with a samba.

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Posted by: Janice & Bud

Re: Bossa légère - 07/12/19 02:53 PM

"This bossa doesn't want to become a samba !"


It's always cool to hear a Bossa and this is a nice collaboration.

We enjoyed it!
Posted by: Deryk - PG Music

Re: Bossa légère - 07/12/19 04:23 PM

Nicely done smile Very well textured, and easy on the ears. Flows like water, and has a nice gentle groove. The kind of tune you can shut your eyes and lose yourself in. I like how lush and pretty it is. Loved the vocals too, and appreciate the translation.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Bossa légère - 07/13/19 09:45 AM

Thanks Janice, Bud and Deryk for your kind comments. Christian
Posted by: Jim

Re: Bossa légère - 07/14/19 07:46 AM

This piece is certainly pleasant to my ears...
Great job on this collaboration...
I enjoyed listening to it!
Posted by: Chris37

Re: Bossa légère - 07/15/19 08:21 AM

Thanks Jim,
I'm happy to know that your ears have appreciated this bossa. Christian
Posted by: Joe -PG Music

Re: Bossa légère - 07/15/19 12:54 PM

Hey Chris, The arrangement is a pleasure to listen to and rhythm is easy to follow. Fantastic work on the vocals. Looking forward to hear more!
Posted by: Tangmo

Re: Bossa légère - 07/15/19 09:35 PM

Lovely arrangement. Great work with the horn solos. Patrick has the most pleasant voice. It's a pleasure to listen. The lyric is outstanding (and I think little was lost in translation). Very much enjoyed.
Posted by: Crossroads

Re: Bossa légère - 07/24/19 08:33 AM

Hey Bossa man,

you surely do have a very good feeling for Bossa. And you have an amazing choice of RealTracks. A very smooth tune, enviting one to just sit back and feel the mood.

A very appealing tune, very well-produced, too.


Posted by: Chris37

Re: Bossa légère - 07/24/19 02:15 PM

Thanks Joe, Tangmo and Stefan,
I don't know if I am Bossa Man but I know Bossa Nova is a fascinating music. Christian
Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Bossa légère - 07/24/19 03:37 PM

Really great song, thanks for sharing!